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  1. Tobey

    Are there any other people here

    painthorselover - I love the picture in your advatar! I don't show, been in the local parade and thought about going to the county fair but I can't be gone for days in a row from home and I will not leave my minis there without me. So we just love them here mostly :bgrin
  2. Tobey

    Pics of my new mare at home

    Great color! Can't wait to see baby pictures!! Glad you are so pleased :
  3. Tobey

    When feeding programs go wrong...

    I so agree, there is no magic science and what works for one doesn't work for another. We are constantly looking over and feeling our minis. We keep an old school chalk board in our barn that has name and the amounts of grain they get. This works great for us because everyone gets a different...
  4. Tobey

    Foal pictures!

    Very cute little guy!! Kendra is adorable too :bgrin
  5. Tobey

    pedigree reasearch

    Please do post pictures!! We would love to see them.
  6. Tobey

    NEWMHC Show Memorial Weekend in WI

    I plan on going but not showing - just to watch :bgrin Can't wait!!! Tami - your fillies are beautiful. MiniHoofBeats - do you have pictures too so I know who to watch for?
  7. Tobey


    I was told that "mouthing" action that I think you are talking about is a passive gesture that especially younger horses do, kind of like they are not testing who is in charge. I've only had one gelding so I don't have any suggestions on when he'll stop acting like a little "man" LOL
  8. Tobey

    pedigree reasearch

    Sorry I can't help you with this but thought maybe if I bumped it up some else can.
  9. Tobey

    Purina Born to Win : Love it or hate it?

    I used Born to Win on my mare that was in foal and had foundered, it was wonderful for her. My plan was to switch everyone to it because I liked the balance ration feeding idea, but my other horses didn't maintain their weight very well on it. I was told I could use it to add to my current...
  10. Tobey

    Why Do People Keep Mediocre Horses as Stallions

    Boy after reading this I feel like I have to defend myself because I do not show. Personally, yes I believe my stallion is awesome. Could he be a National Grand Champion? I don't know - I would love to have him shown but I don't have the money to show - is that a bad thing? I don't think so...
  11. Tobey

    Pictures of mini turning grey

    CvReAgZaYn - The picture of him is a current picture with his winter hair - we are in northern Wisconsin, suppose to get to 30 degrees yet tonight. He is refined also - just very hairy :lol: When warmer weather comes and he is shed out I'll have to see if I can get another picture of him...
  12. Tobey

    5 New foals as Fantasy COrral

    What perfect little one!! Congrats on healthy foals!!
  13. Tobey

    Pictures of mini turning grey

    I just thought I'd share these photos, I thought they were neat. His mother is flea biten grey and daddy is black & white pinto. I sold this little guy last year as a weanling. The current picture was sent to me by his current owner. One week old picture (with momma): Picture for sale...
  14. Tobey


    Great news!! Hope all is going well and can't wait to see pictures too!! Congrats!
  15. Tobey

    "Bitsy"....about that guy in your Avatar...

    More pictures !! :aktion033: :aktion033: