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    donkey as a herd protector

    We have a mini donkey here- who is a great WATCH donkey. Not a guard donkey. He will put the boots to our dog being in the pasture but I very much doubt he would chase anyone else out. But- taking last week as a prime example why he is so valuable to being part of our herd protection ; the...
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    AMHR NATIONALS LIVE FEED LINK - Post your Horses, News or Views!

    Does anyone have the link to the web site that keeps track of everyones placings?
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    How often do you drive?

    We drive outside, no arena weather permiting- I usually get 3 drives in a week - this year I am working 2 so maybe probably be 3x weekly just driving 2 in same day:)
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    Would appreciate cross entering - There are no shetland shows here yet - cross entering would help get the ball rolling.
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    Wow! Congratulations! Very Exciting!
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    Trailering a Mare/Foal

    We trailered ours in our current trailer loose but seperate. Our trailer is set up for three I take out one partition(leaves two compartments) and we have a partition that slides in the back to make a small "box" stall for the foal and larger for the mare. The mare than can lean over the...
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    Anyone have the prices

    Does anyone know who purchased lot #51?
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    Intuit Website

    I use www.freewebs.com - I like it doesnt cost me anything- The only issue is the web address has to have freewebs.com in it.
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    How many miniature Horses

    4 Geldings 1 mini mare\ 1 mini gelded donkey and my boarder moved out of province - so for the first time in 4 years we have LOTS of space
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    From $100 tooo

    I saw your class via internet -Congratulations! What a great Story:)
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    your opinion requested

    Hi Genie, Our last clip is usuallly the CNE. Last year at the licoln fair which is usually the second week of September there were horses that were not clipped that where pinned- it is a fair and not a R show. Our one guy last year was so cold we kept a blanket on him while waiting for class-...
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    safety when driving alone

    I carry my cell phone, wear my helmet, let someone know about where I will be driving and when I will be back, I also where those bright floresent shirts or a safety vest on.
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    How many driving horses do we have here now?

    Were upto 4 right now Grahams Powertrain, JCM Bandelero, One Ritz Kid and Rock E Livingston:)