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    spooky horse in the arena , need some suggestions

    I am not sure, but maybe her being in heat made her grumpy. I have a mare like that, she is totally different at a show when she comes in heat. But at home, you would never notice the difference. Maybe more exposure to the showring will help. I have one at home that is a little spooky, so I know...
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    Got A Super Gelding???

    The committee has discussed restructering the program for 2013, and this is something we are considering. Thanks for your input, we are listening to what the members want.
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    My new Modern will be here Sunday!!

    How are you coming along with Wild?
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    I have a secret!!!!! Update!!

    We are still waiting on pictures!!!!
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    My new Modern will be here Sunday!!

    She sure is a beauty.... welcome to the pony world!!!!!
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    new to showing ASPC s

    To answer you question on the braids, they are placed in the forelock and the mane, using 2 colors mostly, but there is no set rule on that. Congrats on your new additions.
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    Little Annie Fund

    Royal Crescent, on 13 June 2011 - 03:00 PM, said: I think it is great that everyone is willing to lend a hand. I was a little surprised though as when we tried to do the same for Riverdance's Marbles, most said that everyone should bear their own expenses. I'm sure there are members who really...
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    I really wish Forum Members would........

    Since we do live in a crazy world, I can understand people leaving it off and taking some precautions.
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    Baby clothes!

    I would suggest contacting Jackie w/ Supreme Equine Design, she can help you with the correct size. Or you can also look on eBay for stuff too. She sure is a cutie, good luck and have fun showing her!!!
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    Better late than never,

    Well, I am happy that all the ponies we showed last year were placed in the All Stars..... The Simple Life Farms First Edition Classic Stallion Foal of Current Year 40" & Under #8 Buds Last Call Classic Amateur Halter Stallion 42" and Under #4 Buckeye WCF Classical Muzak Classic Model...
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    AMHR Nationals & ASPC Congress Shirts

    I agree, wonderful idea. Prize: 1/2 page advertising ad in journal 1 yr subscription to studbook Neither of these would actually cost the registry any money, but something the winner would pay for anyway Gift certificate for mini or pony tack National/Congress photos from Washburn
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    Miniature Horse Websites

    I did mine thru Yahoo, never have encountered a problem. It is easy to do.
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    Pony vs mini

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    What do your horses want for Christmas???

    All the girls want boyfriends, and all the boys want girlfriends! Pretty short list, but not sure if any of them will get want they want.
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    Ideas for where to get "fancy" nylon halters?

    fancy halters I am not sure if they come in mini size..... good luck. Just checked, they do come in mini size, and only $5 shipping!!!