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    Let's see those lovely long ears!

    This is our mule, Mary Jane. She is super stubborn!
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    I have attached pictures of my two. The cross was my first (4-10-11) and the tree that says LIFE in the branches was my second (10-21-11). I am going for my third this weekend hopefully, along with adding some color around the word life. Possibly adding birds. If you have a question about the...
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    How to get a white horse CLEAN!!!

    I used to have a mostly white sorrel paint and I swear by Dawn Dish soap, the blue one that they also use for oil removal for birds? It works wonders
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    Where is your favorite spot for movement?

    Usually right between the hips and the ribs i can feel a leg towards the end of pregnancy. Barnbum once talked about "talking" to the baby and she was definitely right
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    Mini Mules anyone?

    Has anyone had a mini mule? I have yet to have seen one until one of our mini mares, Sassy, had one ten days ago. She had a little tiny girl. I will post pictures later. thanks!
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    Has anyone heard of Twins?

    I saved the picture on my hard-drive for school!
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    Been A while..........

    Howdy guys! It's been a while since I've been on. I gave away my only mini this Christmas to a wonderful family with 3 daughters! I still work for a place that has minis and love it out there, we just had a foal Saturday night. I got my license in Decmber and got in a wreck on MLK day :/
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    Scam or just a youth??? UPDATED w/ more emails

    Just so you know, this is not me! I'm not sure. I had my sister go through and spell some of these words and to me it seems like someone's just trying too hard to seem like a kid.
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    Why don't people transfer horses

    For me its been a money and time thing....
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    Heat Wave = Heat Stroke

    its really bad here in the houston area. its been up to 106-107 in my area WITH humidity.
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    Dragon Eggs

    Got a Paper egg and abandoned the other one I had... Getting a new one soon once I find one I like. Here's my current set up: Home-bred black: Cave bred blacks: Cave bred Paper I just picked up:
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    Dragon Eggs

    Home-Bred egg!!! I'm hoping for a female. New eggs!!!
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    Dragon Eggs

    Ooh lucky Maxi's Minis got an alt black!!!! All my guys grew up and now I'm going to be picky about what I pick up. Lol.
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    Dragon Eggs

    hid mine. they were sick. un hiding them soon. XD
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    Dragon Eggs

    Got some more! Here are all mine that need clicks!