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  1. Sue_C.

    Is anyone preparing for the future?

    I have to wonder having a fully stocked cellar is going to help one when it too, is under several feet of water? That is the problem I CAN one be "prepared" when something so out of the ordinary happens?
  2. Sue_C.

    Harness irritating horse

    Are you using a breeching? if not, try using one, as you can then loosen your girth.
  3. Sue_C.

    stall mat question

    Yes, the flex mats are the ones I was talking about. I think I will get some of them for the horse shows.
  4. Sue_C.

    Funny Things You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid

    OMG WendyJ...that is the very same thing my Mom told me. she would hand me the shaker and off I would go... she still laughs and says she was not lying...says that if you can get close enough to sprinkle the tail, you could catch it. LOL!
  5. Sue_C.

    stall mat question

    You can buy proper interlocking stall mats. I tried these little ones at a show and they lasted about 25 minutes. My mare had a GREAT TIME hauling them around. Sigh...LOL!
  6. Sue_C.

    Our pasture management has been too good...

    I am in Nova Scotia, and have one of my mares in a muzzle now because of having foundered a month ago...and the lab informed my Vet to not bother with blood testing for IR, or cushings, until November because of the high sugar content in the grasses.
  7. Sue_C.

    Closed wheeled Jerald to show in ADT?

    Check out Kingston Saddlery...they have some decent looking metal spoke wheels that are only 20" or 21". Not sure about the hubs...but something worth looking into.
  8. Sue_C.

    Other things to do with miniature horses

    You can buy a proper pack saddle to fit a miniature as well...that would enable them to pack even more, as it would help balance the load better, and keep an even pressure of the back.
  9. Sue_C.

    It's my most dreaded day of the week....Tuesday

    WendyJ, I think your friend has been either "pulling your leg", or just isn't apprised of the facts. We here in Canada, do NOT eat cats and dogs...there used to be old sick "jokes" about them being fed in certain restaurants, but that was all it ever was.
  10. Sue_C.

    It's my most dreaded day of the week....Tuesday

    Unfortunately, shelters in the US are allowed to sell animals to research facilities as well. As for Canadian shelter animals going onto someone's plate in a restaurant, that...I have never heard of...what animals would you be referring to...
  11. Sue_C.

    Bitting question!

    Instead of changing to a rubber bit, you can simply wrap the bit with latex. There is a special latex especially sold for this.
  12. Sue_C.


    Either way, it would be the member who would have to pay in the end. LOL!
  13. Sue_C.

    My colt's impaction colic

    Had a mare with impaction colic a few years ago, what worked for us, was tubing water into her every hour or so for 12 hours...that was what finally ended a week of heck. I don't walk them if they are quiet, but WILL walk them if they are going down to thrash. It is much better to walk them to...
  14. Sue_C.

    Where do you buy the Chimacum comfyfit boots at?

    Huh, go figure, wonder why they aren't on the BOOTS page. LOL!
  15. Sue_C.

    Where do you buy the Chimacum comfyfit boots at?

    Leia, I was going to buy them from Janie, but they weren't on their website anymore, and this gal had them cheaper than the last ones I bought direct...yet they are the Chimacum boot; go figure...