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    Our 08 Filly.

    She is darling, love her ears, Congratulations on a beatiful little girl.
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    Beet Pulp..."Filler" only or good for weight gain too?

    I also feed them beet pulp, I would of put this on other post but I keep getting this thing saying that loading please wait, so I wait and wait and my machine freezes up. When did this loading thing start??
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    Goodbye, Eddie

    I am so sorry for your loss, hugs and prayers being sent your way, he was a little cutie.
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    Beet Pulp..."Filler" only or good for weight gain too?

    I have 3 big horses that are hard keepers in the winter, we feed them oats, corn and sweet grain with veg. oil and beet pulp, it helps them alot besides their hay.
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    Our last foal...and a buckskin pinto

    Congrats! your little ones are all very pretty.
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    New Foal at KayJay Farm!

    Congrats, very handsome colt.
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    New Forum Member K&H Miniatures killed

    Oh how terrible, my prayers go out to her little boy and to her family.
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    Winding down with a run of BOYS.

    Tony your little guys are all beautiful, but I will be praying for you to get some fillys.
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    SHOCK OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your little filly, would love to see pics.
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    registering 2 mares

    I am buying 2 sorrel mares and neither has been registered, ones 10 and 0ne is 3, I have the mother of the 3 year old here with us, How much would it cost me to register these 2 horses in AMHR, and can the 10 year old be registered?
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    Whats your New GREAT ideas...................

    How very smart, didn't cost anything and its so simple to make, going to make one for my horses.
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    My only '08 is here!!!

    Congrats on your beautiful little guy, love his color.
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    Sand colic

    We use metamucil here, we had a big horse with sand colic this spring and vet told us to use metamucil about every 3 days. I have to give them some this week, we lost our pasture, all dirt now and hubby hauling water from the river behind us also lost our well to the floods. Went to FEMA to see...
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    The colored colt fairy visited WI at 0050 am

    He is a little doll baby, love the marking on him. Congrats!
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    Our Newest Birth - Like Catching a Football

    Congrats on catching the little guy, he looks like my filly that was born 2 weeks ago. Same color.