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  1. Steph G

    Need help with Parent Qualifying

    Do you have to send in the DNA kit to register a horse? And do they have to be parent qualified to have registerable foals or just DNA tested?
  2. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    Thank you so much everyone! CASINO, I remember talking with you. I was fighting back tears of joy as we were speaking. To know that people had her picked out as their favorite in a class of over 50 other horses just amazes me. One of the judges had her pinned first as well in that class. That...
  3. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    Thanks everybody. She's a really cool horse. I wish she would keep her color through Nationals. She's a deep golden palomino until August and then starts turning white.
  4. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    I entered my girl "Spring" in a total of 6 driving classes and came home with 6 top fives! I just love this girl. She's definitely a once in a lifetime kinda horse and I'm so happy I have the priviledge of calling her mine. I owe a huge thanks to Ricky Wardlaw of Cygnet Training for making her...
  5. Steph G

    WHF Ultimate Shock

    That's great news. I ordered a few on Sunday before flying back home. They stopped printing at the show on Friday, but I wasn't done showing yet. Congrats again Tammy. You did a good job conditioning him and he looked good. He got lots of oohs and aahhs as I walked him to the wash racks each time.
  6. Steph G


    I do the same thing RhineStone does and I don't have any problems. I also have a forgiving horse who doesn't mind being blind for a few seconds... That helps a lot. ETA: I have Barb's and I love them. Very customizable to get exactly what suits you.
  7. Steph G


    Sorry, double post...
  8. Steph G


    The spray I talked about turns to a dusty chalk material when dry. The rulebook says you can't change the horses coat color. This would not change the color. It would be blending the bald spot.
  9. Steph G


    There's also a black spray that I've used to cover scars on a bay horse's lower legs. I would feel pretty good saying that one of the tack vendors at Nationals should have some. They make them for any color horse.
  10. Steph G

    AMHR Nationals OMG 1 week away

    I can't wait! I will be flying out with a friend of mine and two youth on the 7th. I'll be staying through the 18th! I think the only day we don't show is the futurity day and the day we leave.
  11. Steph G

    AMHR Nationals OMG 1 week away

    Tammy do I not count? Although my horse has gone to Nationals once before, this will be my first time. I'm super excited, but also VERY nervous. I will be there the whole time stalling with Ricky Wardlaw of Cygnet Farms! My girl and I will be in Showmanship, Hunter, WCPD, and versatility...
  12. Steph G

    in the show ring

    Here's my girl. She's in my avatar as well.
  13. Steph G


    I can add to this one! This is my girl PPFS Cheaters Spring Felony (AKA Spring). She's snow white in winter and a very deep gold in the summer. I love her to death. She's going to Nationals this year where I as well as two youth will show her (one five yo and a 14yo). That is also her in my avatar.
  14. Steph G

    AMHA/AMHR lookup

    Is it possible to look a horse up in both A and R by name and get a registration number? If so can someone look up I'm An Exceptional Encore owned by Stephanie Greenway(me)?
  15. Steph G

    Youth Show Clothes You can go to tack and show and then there is a kids section. Way more reasonable than hobby horse. There's also drysdales(not sure of spelling), cripple creek, and panhandle slim. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I've shown since I was five and we always...