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    Is hay sprayed with Nitrogen safe to feed?

    Hello everyone! I have a question I need some help with, I can't find my answer in any research, so I thought I'd seek help here if that's ok. My hay supplier called, and let me know hay would be ready to pick up today, and then let me know that he had sprayed it with a bit of Nitrogen to...
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    Fly issue - need help for Spot.

    Thank you for the replies, I really appreciate the help. I'm going to try the fly mask from Ozark, will be calling in the order after I finish this. Haven't tried that one, so I'm hoping it works. Re: the fly predators, they just would not work in our area, we are surounded by Amish farms...
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    Fly issue - need help for Spot.

    The last couple years, Spot has been having some severe issues with the flies and gnats. They bite in his ears, under his forelock, and his chest till he's bloody and raw. The vet said he's having an allergic reaction from the bites. Everyday I slather on this medicated lotion on the inside...
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    Fish / Aquariums Again.... Man, I'm so hooked!!!

    These are beautiful Jill! My husband wants an aquarium, and I may just get him one for x-mas. I might be asking you for some tips later on!
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    Decorated Cookies -- Horses, Dogs & Goats

    Jill, Your mom is extremely talented! Those could not have been easy to do!
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    how do you

    Are you refering to doing something like either of these two? If this is what you are wanting to do, what I do is put my focus selector right on the edge of the horse/person, and the light sky behind them, or where ever the sun hits on them. Your camera will want to expose brighter because...
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    Any Ebay sellers? Need imput.

    Marty, I used to sell things on e-bay that I no longer had a use for, just here and there, it wasn't like I had a store to market or anything. I've since stopped, I finally got zapped good by a bidder, and I was left with a pretty negative attitude. I have some things to list now, but I'm not...
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    Photo Gallery

    Little Miracles..........sincere thanks for the comments! It's been a process of learning, but it's really enjoyable, and everytime I find something really cool to do, it's so exciting. If you'd like, I can tell you about some on-line classes that I'm taking, and they aren't that expensive...
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    Photo Gallery

    Oh, isn't that the truth! Thank you for sharing your info, Ken! I wish I had the schenery around here that you do, your photos are just beautiful! (I'm so jealous! ) I shoot with a Nikon D700, and I'm still learning how to use it. I always use a monopod when I'm photographing horses and...
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    Photo Gallery

    You have some beautiful images there. Can I ask what type of post processing you use? Some of them have a very unique look to them, especially your landscapes, and #6 from the end. It's very pretty.
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    Just a heads up/warning.

    Just a little word of advise. You are posting photos on a public website, and once you post it there, it's now become public, and anyone has access to taking it. Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out there, who will take advantage of anyone, and it's up to you to safeguard yourself...
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    If you LOVE, really LOVE flowers.....

    Just found this Karla! WOWZERS! I see where you get your talent from now! What a glorious place to be, and stunning photos!
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    Clipper blades.

    Thank you! Actually, yes, I usually put some of the blade wash right in the cap from the can, and use it from there. I also have the Oster oil, and use both the wash and the oil as needed while I'm clipping. I think I'd better contact the people who sharpened my blades, and see what they have...
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    Clipper blades.

    I didn't send my clippers with the blades. Is that something that normally should be done? This was my first time sending blades out. Also, they were wrapped in tissue paper when I got them back, but I don't feel any oil on them, nor do I see any oil residue on the tissue paper. I would...
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    Clipper blades.

    Is it common for resharpened clipper blades to dull much faster than than new blades? I had 9 blades cleaned and sharpened last spring, and had them all ready to go for clipping Spot when it warmed up enough. He was all cleaned up for just doing a head and neck clip on him tonight. Two of the...