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    trying to find a driving bit

    I bought from Iowa Valley carriage the French Link Butterfly bit. The link is made of copper, but nothing else is. Would that work?? It is a lightweight bit and the dimensions are correct for a miniature. I use it on my smallest one, he wears a 3.75" bit. I do have to say hands down Sandee...
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    Why does my vet?

    When a miniature mare needs to be US at the clinic where I work Doc puts the US probe inside the hollow blue wand seen here w/ the CIDR insert, . This tip came through a veterinary journal and while not as perfect as actually being able to use his...
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    Stubborn bacteria

    Because it's taking so long to heal a fungal infection sure sounds suspect. Kudos to your vet for beginning antifungal meds before waiting for that lab result which take a long time. Keep up the round the clock drops & ointments and I know how exhausting and time consuming eye care can be but...
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    spot and peanut

    Not sure what type of dry lot, paddock or pasture your putting them in but I'll offer put out 4 flakes of hay apart, in various places in the pen, away from the fence and out of the corners. Sometimes having something to munch on, besides each other, can help after the initial introductions.
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    please help w/ Camptown Harness decision

    At age 2 your lil guy has the bulk of his height. Ask Marjean, Camptown's owner, her opinion on what size to purchase since she'll be most familiar with the adjustability features of her harness. I met her at a CDE this fall, she is kind and more than generous with her knowledge. Good luck!
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    I have a weanling- full size- finishing up Gastrogard for his ulcers. He also gets 30cc Maalox before each meal to buffer acids. I'm looking at a product made by Foxden Equine called Tractgard to use until we get the ulcer a little more behind us. It provides prebiotics (the nutrients...
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    Horse not feeling well

    Have you considered ulcers??? I have a weanling who developed ulcers and the biggest sign was he was off grain and dead quiet. Good luck.
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    Too small to drive?

    Bfogg you are spot on- it's the size of the heart that matters. My 35" guy is powerful and can pull w/ ease. My 32" guy would die trying to pull me but by nature is more laid back, less electric in his reactions. I have been on hills where the 32" guy struggled, only did that once because...
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    Tape Worms

    Actually, to get the best bang for your buck go ahead and have fecals run before you deworm next time. The info from that will help you select the best product for your lil guys and give you an idea of what load of parasites they might still be carrying. From there you can put them on your...
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    Tape Worms

    All the horses who share the pen should be dewormed w/ the same product on the same day to break the lifecycle of the parasite. Since one of the new horses has tapeworms I'd sure be deworming them all for tapeworms w/ Equimax. The Ivermectin was a good choice for a routine deworming but now...
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    Having a recently castrated gelding move around will reduce swelling- sometimes hydrotheraphy helps, as someone said aftercare will vary from vet to vet. Finding the balance between "Moving around" and "overdoing it" is Horsemanship. ;) If a gelding is going to stand around and moan all day...
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    Question about Rantidine Ulcer Med

    My 6 month old Quarter horse colt has ulcers and Doc put him on Gastroguard last Friday. By Sunday p.m. he was eating grain and feeling perkier. After one week of meds he is beginning to loose the pot belly and fill inbetween his ribs.
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    75 - 125 Kansas Minis "OMG Please help by WRITING!!"

    How awful. Here in Miami Co, KS we had a similiar thing w/ just about 200+ Hackney Ponies back in 1998. Someone contact Kansas State University Veterinary School. They were very helpful w/ the Miami Co Ponies in getting first aid, triage and a treatment plan developed. Ditto the Kansas Horse...
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    Floating teeth

    My 4 year old mini was showing signs of discomfort turning to the left so I suspected a point or cap on the right side. Took him in last Tuesday for a dental and sure enough, there was a point and an ulcer on lower right jaw. On Wednesday I did about a 10 minute work out just to see if there...
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    Smart Cart arrived

    Ah hah, I have the same type combo that you have- a TB style 32" guy and a husky 35" guy. My smallest one pulls his wooden cart with ease but I sure would like to have one cart to fit both guys to simplify life. I'll have to check the weight on the Pacific and compare it to what I already have...