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    Feeding/Diet Regimen & Hay types

    Welcome to the forums! 🤗🥳 I agree, he's balanced and a nice mover. Hard to get a clear idea on color in moving shots. It also looks as if he's been clipped, which temporarily adds to the difficulty. In the absence of distinguishable appaloosa characteristics, I'd say chestnut (red/strawberry)...
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    Help with Figuring Out/Harnessing To Vintage Sulky

    That was my first thought as well Mindy. fiftyempirecountry, what part of the world are you in? Europe? Australia? I ask because if so, you may have access to historical resources we haven't in the United States. Also, you may be talking about British shetlands, which are much sturdier than...
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    Cushing and diet

    Everyone has given you excellent feeding advice...once you know exactly WHAT you're dealing with. Abby P gave the best advice to start with: have the blood work done. Miniatures do have different "normal" levels than the biggies do. I KNOW I had a research paper with the numbers saved, I just...
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    Trying new bit

    It may be a one off, however, my instinct is he may have something going on. 🤔 You did mention it was a diagonal pair he wanted to nip you on. Maybe the shifting of weight on that diagonal caused some pain. If he were mine, I'd do a full body assessment, flexing all joints, pressing down...
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    The Funnies!

    What does a Julie do when she's bored?? YOU figure it out!😂
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    The Funnies!

    My best friend's ex-feral, very good girl Reba.
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    The Funnies!

    Better be careful and copyright that one Kimbalina. Seriously, that would make excellent meme material and you don't want someone commandering it to make money.
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    Whats Cooking ? Whats for dinner ?

    I've a friend who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. (The not-so-pleasant doctor walked through the door, stated "You should either be in a coma or dead." Handed her a prescription and walked out.😲😵🤯 The nurse came in and explained about the diabetes.) Anyway, as I had gestational diabetes...
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    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Kelly, how far are the trails from you? On average, I mean.
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    How's the Weather ?

    Boooooring....a movie. It is with friends, in air conditioning, and reclining seats. I'd have been content with an early lunch/brunch and chit-chat in the park. Friends didn't think that was "birthday" enough.😆 P.s...thank you for the birthday wishes!!🥳🥳
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    How's the Weather ?

    Similar here, HersheyMint. We'd planned to go to the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park & Museum for my birthday this weekend. With temps forecast to be 100° F, we changed plans!
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    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Wellllll know what they say about that in MN..... ********** UFFDA!!🐪🐫🐪 🤣🤣🤣
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    Fun Horse Facts

    Amyin29, that was a nice article. I did widen my eyes though, when the writer stated "the girls with their horses on leashes..."
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    What brand of sardines?!😆 I don't care for sardines, HOWEVER, if there was a chance I'd find a Bee in one, I'd buy them by the case!! I'll add my congratulations too. All you folks with the nifty vans are making me envious. It does seem to make it easier to get out for adventures, and Bee's...
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    Fun Horse Facts

    Fun fact and silly law in NC: "Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields in the state of North Carolina." They didn't want to put horse and mule breeders out of business???🤔🤨 In Wilbur, Washington, it is illegal to ride an ‘ugly horse.’ Do so and you risk a $300 fine. Who defines...