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    Edit Button missing?

    It is my fault folks. I deleted some postings in the limited access area of the forum. couldn't take the "heat" or so to speak. sorry my actions have affected all of you. I'm not sorry I deleted, just sorry you all have lost something because of it. bye bye edit button. It was nice knowing...
  2. shorthorsemom

    Presidential selfie video

    duplicate post
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    Need thoughts how to keep a mini drinking water.

    Folks I knew with Biggie horses used to swear by bringing water from home to the shows. They packed big containers of water in their trailer. Horses and dogs don't appreciate strange water, flavoring it sounds like a good idea. Get them used to it at home so the flavoring makes the water at...
  4. shorthorsemom

    bitter cold and snow

    4 to 8 inches of snow predicted for tonight. UGH. On top of the ice storm we just had. My gates are all frozen shut. My son climbs over to get the feed and water to my critters. My dogs can hardly stand up on the ice to take a poop and now this snow storm is predicted. Already had school...
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    Edit Button missing?

    Happened on a few posts of mine this week.
  6. shorthorsemom

    The "f" word...

    Cushings is not a death sentence. I know of several folks with minis and biggies that have been successfully managed on Cushings medications. Takes a dedicated owner to be sure that the medication is delivered faithfully. My one friend cared for a mini with cushings that was exercised...
  7. shorthorsemom

    Giving Aspirin to Dogs...How much??

    I chuckle... I got my little boston girl thinking she would be my new heart dog... she had all the makings to be my special girl during her puppy hood and while I was training her ... then.. at one year of age...she decided she would be my sons special dog. She wouldn't sit with me if he was in...
  8. shorthorsemom

    Giving Aspirin to Dogs...How much??

    My new boy was advertised as a beagle mix at the shelter and he came up from the south on one of those transports to a local shelter. He has very long legs and does not resemble or sound like a beagle to me, he barks and doesn't bay and his bark sounds like a dobie I once had. I was thinking...
  9. shorthorsemom

    Giving Aspirin to Dogs...How much??

    That photo I attached is my smallish Disney type little dog hairy female young dog I went to the shelter to bring home. I came home with a male mixed breed hound. LOL Your heart will tell you what to do. Keep us posted and include photos, we do so much enjoy the pictures.
  10. shorthorsemom

    Giving Aspirin to Dogs...How much??

    Your heart and dogs will tell you what to do. I totally understand where you are coming from. I thought my boston girl was going to be huge and then she just stopped growing. She seems petite to me, but she weighs about 16 lbs and has long legs and is very athletic. I had no idea about the 3...
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    commercials I LOVE

    Of course the Ram truck Paul Harvey farmer commercial would be my favorite.
  12. shorthorsemom

    Presidential selfie video

    Oh Vickie... so glad you got the part about "exercising my right not to walk". yep, that is me and the reason I posted that clip, I was hoping somebody would get it. That movie surfaces from time to time on tv. I take the road less traveled by.
  13. shorthorsemom

    New Family Member

    He is gorgeous. congratulations
  14. shorthorsemom

    Presidential selfie video

    The wiki is what I read.
  15. shorthorsemom

    microchipping your pets... a good idea

    I have many pets here that were dumped. It was nice this boy had a real home. It feels good to help them find their way.