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  1. shelia

    AMHA Annual Meeting

    I only made it there on one day. That was Friday. This is the first one I have attended and had a great time. I met some new people, food was great and the Peppermill is very nice! I briefly sat in on some meetings and found it interesting. I will let someone else discuss what was actually...
  2. shelia

    Dog Blankets for Newborn Foals...What size works ?

    I have found that dog blankets just don't fit right. Mostly around the neck. Foal blankets are a much better choice. They will be much more comfortable.
  3. shelia

    Sand clear and choke?

    That is a lot of sand clear! We allways give about a 1/4 scoop since they are about 1/4 the size of a big horse. Mine eat it with no problem. I mix it with the pellets and they hardly notice it. The scoop is pretty small to begin with. I am not sure a whole scoop would even be a handful.
  4. shelia

    "They aren't good for anything...."

    Don't let comments like that get to you. These kind of people are are only trying to make themselves feel more important. Since the beginning of mankind we have had things that don't seem to serve much purpose. Things like jewlery, make up, alcaholic beverages, high heels, ski boats, movies...
  5. shelia

    Gas Colic in Gelding

    One more thought. Did you happen to get a new water bucket? Some of my horses will snub a new water bucket for a while. They must smell funny. i know this may be a hassle, but you might try switching the water buckets from the mares to the gelding. He may enjoy drinking out of their water bucket...
  6. shelia

    Gas Colic in Gelding

    Here is another thought. When the weather was warmer he could find bits of grass to nibble on during the day. Now that it is colder he cannot, so he goes for longer periods without something to eat. The manure could also be contributing to the gas since it is loaded with bacteria. I do hope he...
  7. shelia

    Gas Colic in Gelding

    That is great news! i agree that he wants something in his stomach to make him feel better. That is why hay would be the best since it is not so concentrated and he can have more of it. You might try and see if he likes gatorade. You can bring him a bowl and hold it for him to drink. if you feel...
  8. shelia

    Gas Colic in Gelding

    I think ulcer meds is a good idea because something has upset his gut and could be causing irritation. The bacteria has changed for some reason, so it can cause ulcers. Gastroguard or ulcer guard will not hurt, but may protect him.
  9. shelia

    Gas Colic in Gelding

    If it were my horse I would start sand clear then ulcer meds. I would feed more hay and less pellets. I would also feed 3 times a day instead of two. (at least for now till his gut settles down.) If it didn't start till you added beet pulp, then stop the beet pulp for now. You can gradually...
  10. shelia

    Overo Splash Tobiano

    Those are 3 different pinto genes. Overo also called frame Overo, is LWO positive. It can show or not. It can be in combination with any other pinto pattern also. Splash is is a gene that produces white starting at the legs and going upward. It has a very solid line between the color and the...
  11. shelia

    "Straight" Miniatures?? I dont understand

    I have heard some similar complaints about horses in AMHA so I would like to point out something I have read in the AMHA rule book. Halter Rules, Paragraph "H", page 98: It is of utmost importance that judges realize that there are several types of miniature horses and that in each class the...
  12. shelia

    100 Minis Confiscated and in Need of Help At the bottom of this story is a comment from a person who claims to have called this in to police. It is nice to know how she was finally stopped. Thanks for the info on the farm names. The...
  13. shelia

    100 Minis Confiscated and in Need of Help

    I have been watching this unfold, but have not posted before now. I do agree that a lot of the minis look pretty good fom their pictures, however I think some of the other animals there were what got her caught. They are showing pictures of the minis because there are so many of them and they...
  14. shelia

    Pretty sure he's a dwarf

    He doesn't look like a dwarf to me. he looks like someones breeding experiement gone wrong. By breeding a much larger, maybe pony to a much smaller mini could result in this bad combination. I would try to make sure he never gets over weight. Those short legs are already having a hard time...
  15. shelia

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    This sounds great! I wish our area would offer something like this! We do have some schooling shows, but they are not on the same week end as the shows. New people are our future.