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  1. shane

    It's REO's birthday today!!

    Hi Robin, i just HAD to pop back to wish you a very happy birthday!!!!!! you deserve it, xxxxxxx
  2. shane

    I really need some prayers and good thoughts

    oh Jill {{{{HUGS}}}}}} to you , my friend, im so sorry you have this to worry about, my thoughts and prayers are with you stay strong xx
  3. shane

    Our kids, how fair life may or may not be,

    no no no no no no , i wouldnt be buying any car ill be in a situation like this in the near future, and my and ny hubby were jsust talking about this, he said do you know we will have to let her get a car, and my answer is no not until shes thirty, shes only 9 now lol ive already lost two...
  4. shane

    Some New Pets for Harvey and I

    no way jill!!!!!!!! i thought but they are so cute, your very own Kermet
  5. shane


    oh my lord robin!!!!!!! i just knew before i clicked to look you would have something one of these days,,,,,,, one of these days...........
  6. shane

    Big Brother 11 -- Starts Thursday, July 9

    oh gee you guys I LOVE LOVE LOVE big brother, the American version is so much better than ours im absolutley glued to it . what channel is it on Jill?? oh puleeeeze let me have the right channel on my cable or ill have to over to yours jill lol
  7. shane

    Is it possible for a horse to have brain damage?

    this is napoleon..thanks
  8. shane

    Is it possible for a horse to have brain damage?

    thank you all for your replies
  9. shane

    Is it possible for a horse to have brain damage?

    thank you so much for your reply
  10. shane

    Need help on hac ked up mane

    oh dear.i would put a running plait in the mane, down to as far as it goes until its okay
  11. shane

    Tried and True Remedy For Pure White Tails???

    ive got a snow white horse that was out on grass for 6 months , his tail was black!!! i thought i should have wrapped it ect, anyway , i used , vanish oxi action mixed into a paste with white wine vinegar, it foams up together like a paste consistancy, please let me know how you get...
  12. shane

    Long lines for ground driving

    i just use two flat lunge ropesthey come with snap hooks atthe end anyway, and saves money
  13. shane

    Toots foaled!!!

    ges absolutley stunning, everything you could ask for in one tiny package Many CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! x