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    Fancyshadow I am glad your husband liked his gifts. I had fun buying for him. :-)
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    I got my secret santa gift today from Helen Griffen in Florida. I had help opening it as my 2 sons helped. I got numerous chocolates, starbursts, jolly rancher candy, Skittles, dog and cat toys(my 2 dogs love them by the way, my cat hasn't played with hers yet as she was snoozing), a Christmas...
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    favourite color - red what size do I wear - I like large shirts/sweaters. Something with SPH Miniatures on it would be great. size of my minis - range from 29.5" to 36.5" ( I have 13, 2 stallions and 11 mares) barn names of my miniatures - Axel, Rocky, Dandy, Lucky, Lucy, Sky, Leia, Dancer...
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    December GAME OVER!!

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    December GAME OVER!!

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    POST HERE when your Santa gift arrives!

    I got my secret santa gift today all the way from Montana and Squires Miniature Horses, not sure what the forum name is. I got the book Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions Past And Present Volume 1. I am enjoying looking at it and reading about the many stallions. :-)
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    A few things when I think of more I will add Favourite color - red what size do I wear - I like large shirts. Something with SPH Miniatures on it would be great. what size is my minis - I have 12-2 stallions and 10 mares, they range from 29.5" to 36.5". Barn names of my miniatures - Axel...
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    Info needed AMHA

    Can anyone tell me pedigree and foals for the stallion J R Night Shadow? Also who is his last recorded owner and where do they live? Thanks!
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    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    You are welcome Jeannie. Had fun shopping for you. Glad it made it there earlier than they said it would. :-)
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    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    My SS was Twister. I got snowman earings, a bracelet, a rope halter and Black Magic chocolates which won't last long with my 2 sons and hubby unless I hide them . lol
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    AMHR lookup

    Ok thanks.
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    AMHR lookup

    Who owns the mare Benviews Special Dawn and what foals did she have? Thanks!
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    Longman Miniatures...

    I just recently saw this and ahh Axels daughter, Knocker, so cute. I am the proud owner of Axel now, have owned him almost 2 years. He had some gorgeous foals for me in 2014 and I have a few mares in foal to him for 2015 foals. :-)
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    Set Your DVRs -- The Walking Dead

    I only started watching it this year. Started with season 1 on Netflix, now on season 4. I am enjoying it. :-)