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    My Christmas present!

    Congratulations. Maggie has some beautiful horses and is wonderful to work with. Good luck with your boy.
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    Mini horse trailer

    One thing you will find out, if you buy one for Minis, you will be bonking your head all of the time. I bought a full size one and had it converted into slant stalls for Mini's. Before that, i had a Mini one and lots of bumps and bruises on my head.
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    Locked stiffle

    At this age it is more often a growth issue. Too high a protein can make the bones grow faster then the ligaments. Also, he just may be having a growth spurt. It could take him a while to come out of it. If you get it as an adult, then it could be considered hereditary. Just because the...
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    At 48, is it too start living a dream? Update 2013!

    The great things about Miniatures is that you can do all of that for many years to come. I grew up being horse crazy. No way would my folks buy me a horse. After I got married, I got a horse and showed hunter jumper. In order to do that, i had to feed 48 horses on that farm 2x a day,plus...
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    Best accomplishment of the year

    I will not say this is an accomplishment, but it sure is exciting. I had no intentions of buying any more horses, but this one caught my eye. Then I saw who her sire is. Grahams Ragtime She looks so much like her sire, just a different color Can't wait to show her in 2013 Mini ridge Safari
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    I wanted to congratulate Abby Conders....

    On her purchase of Riverdances Spirit Of The Wind. A Beautiful son of Windchaser (they could almost be twins) I am looking forward to seeing him in the show ring in driving and gelding halter classes with you Abby. It is a good thing I do not have a gelding to show against
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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    LaVern there are some things you need to know about AMHA. First, hard shipping into AMHA is no longer allowed in 2013.(they are protecting their breeders and trying to make sure that not too much of the Modern Shetland blood(and Hackney pony blood) drastically change the look and temperament...
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    Sold/pending who dont sell

    Since I sell dogs as well as Mini's i deal with this all the time. People who make appointments but never show up. I always get their phone numbers, so when they do not show up, I call. If they do not answer i leave a message wondering where they are, as we had an appointment and I got...
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    What to do about kids messing with the horses?

    When I lived in Mn, I had all of my property fenced. Including a gate across the driveway. I had some of my Minis in a paddock area to the left of my house. Well, one day while I was pulling up to my driveway and got out to open the gate, I saw several teens in the paddock area trying to ride...
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    Weird Question on Pregnant Mare aborting - Possible Twins?

    Twins do not share a placenta and why in big horses we had our mares ultrsounded. If there are twins, the vet can pinch off one of them and the other survives. By the way, if a twin shares the same placenta, then they are identical twins.
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    A question for those of you who feed from round bales

    Reignmaker, I do not put them on their side, as they are meant to stay upright for the rain to fall off. If they are on their sides, the hay will soak up the rain and rot and get moldy. My nets are a little oversized right now because some bales are larger then others. i was told that they...
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    Decided on my colt!!

    I saw him on the Reece's sale and thought he looked really nice and was the best of the colts. Congratulations and i hope he gives you really nice babies in the future.
  13. Riverdance

    A question for those of you who feed from round bales

    I have round bales that I use the Slow Buddy hay nets with. They work great, no waste and mine usually eat out the middle, then it falls offer, No problems. I love the nets.
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    Unfortunately I can not fence it off. All of them in that paddock area have had diarrhea. Most have dried up. They are eating their grain and hay without a problem and drinking plenty of water. Again, these are the really tiny acorns, no bigget than the tip of my finger.
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    I live in Florida, so we do not have freezes. I would like to take the tractor out and scrape it all up with the pay loader, but most of them have not fallen yet.