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  1. River Wood

    Looking for River Wood Miniatures

    Hi So sorry you had such a hard time trying to find us. Yes we have moved to Wisconsin. We purchased more land and will be building in the future. We sold the horses that we had to avoid having to board them until that time. We're having some difficulty getting all of the advertisements...
  2. River Wood

    the gal who just won the world title

    Whoever was hugging the gal Kristina (sp) that was handling the world champion in class 51 I believe it was...lost something out of their pocket into the ring when they were leaning over the rail to hug her. Just in case it was a wallet or something important...just thought I'd let someone know...
  3. River Wood

    pasturing stallions together ?

    Our stallions have been fine together but never with a mare near.
  4. River Wood

    Micheal Vick signed w the Eagles

    Oh I'm sure he is "very sorry" for what he is done, with the millions hanging in the balance "sarcasim" He should have gotten what Tanya Harding did a banning for life from the sport. But then he is/was a bit richer than her and money can get you off. It sure helped OJ
  5. River Wood

    My husband Mark's paintings.

    Wow beautiful!!!
  6. River Wood

    I really need some prayers and good thoughts

    So sorry to hear Jill A few years ago, they did a chest xray for a different issue and found about 3 spots on my lung, 1 was rather large. Turned out to be calcified granulomas which was harmless and they told me could have very well be caused by the dust I am around out in the country or other...
  7. River Wood

    SONNY my quarter horse 26 years young!

    Looking great! Very handsome!
  8. River Wood

    Everyone NEEDS to see this

    Amazing! My first thought that real? My husbands too. Very amazing.
  9. River Wood

    Stolen horse tortured/abused

    Hopefully when caught and charged......they will do do what they did to Tonya Harding......ban them for life from the sport.
  10. River Wood

    OK this Dial Up junk has to go........

    We have high speed through our phone company.
  11. River Wood

    Michael Jackson's Farewell

    I was able to see part of it. Hard to imagine he is gone, I feel like I grew up with him. I do think that it is sad tho, that the "media" just doesn't leave well alone, the rest of his business. It is NO ones business how much he is in debt, what drugs he was on and this and that...... but...
  12. River Wood

    I Found a Few Old Things

    I'm not really sure about the sparkle. It is an old drawing that had creases in it? I have no clue what happened when I scanned it. Thought it was strange tho lol