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    Greetings from Utah

    If you can sew, yu can make your own long lines. I bought mine on etsy. You want lighter for the minis. Regular horse leads and long lines are too heavy, in my experience.
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    Greetings from Utah

    There are a lot of mini/pony drivers here, we'll be happy to help any way we can. :) I referenced Kendra Gail's materials a lot when I was learning. Home - Miniature Horsemanship ™
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    Yoda the Texan Mini

    Welcome. Very cute little guy!!!
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    Poo Poo Crazy

    NOT crazy at all !!!! I've seen that most the 'bike' cart makers offer a team pole option versus the single rails! tandem is a blast! But will take a lttle xtra training for both the 4-legged, and the 2-legged participants :)
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    Towing Capacity

    Both my boys are "A"s And they both drive. Just have to match the tow weight and terrain to their limits, but they do fantastic. We generally keep it to smaller rides, parades, "pony rides" one of my goals is to build up their tone and endurance this summer.
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    Mosquito season!

    Bug control can be dependent upon geo region! So adapt to your own special situation :) I'm in Colorado (dry, low humidity)...And I regularly get comments from the neighbors, Ferrier, vets about how minimal our pests infestation is :) Mosquitos/moths/any CO2 UV attracted pests: I have the...
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    2022 Clippings

    Clearly, I need to get over my fear of clipping my boys. Turk grows soo much winter coat that he looks like a Bison! Then sheds non-stop all the way until the next winter when it starts growing again. Pete sheds out very fast and clean. Seems that every year I fret over to-clip or not-to-clip...
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    Mini horse name ideas

    I am a direct descendant of Princess Tondl Hkili of the Algonquin/Leni Lenape tribe. I give you permission to use Apache :) (Not that you need it!!!)
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    Hello from Georgia!

    WELCOME!!!! We got our first 2 mini's when they were 6 months old. They are half-brothers. They are 6 years old now :) You're going to love these little guys, they are awesome!
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    Underweight Mini

    I have a mini that struggles to keep his weight on. He has no medical conditions...Just burns up calories fast and easy... My Vet has him on the following IN ADDITION to his normal pasture/hay intake. He gets all this on exercise days, or whenever he's running on the light side. Full portion...
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    Getting Ready for Kacie Foaling

    AMEN!!!!! I was just telling my wife over the weekend...When my hips and back finally give out and I can't get a replacement...We're going to put in walkways and ramps so I can keep living and being with my herd!!!
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    What are the steps you take in driving a new horse or training one?

    My process is very similar to @Edelweiss LOTS of hand work. Lots of start and stops!!! I also do a LOT of sacking in general, and always right before hitching. Gets the 'spook' out :cool: I walk behind the cart until they are doing very well with all commands, directions changes, circling...
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    HPR 2022 Foals

    I'm very saddened to hear you lost the foal. 😭 Will pray that Izzy continues to do well and has full recovery.
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    Farrier etiquette

    >> ...his prices just went up recently to $75.00. Guess i'm not going to complain any more. I pay $45 a horse. Like everyone else here, my Ferrier is super great with the mini's and keeps their hooves in fantastic shape. Even my vet has complimented their feet condition.