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    Are you having Rain or Snow this week?

    Snow here....and I don't want to talk about it!!!:(o_O Well over 3 ft and snowing this morning, I am done. Can I PLEASE hibernate like a bear now? Puleease!?
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    RIP Maggie

    I'm so sorry you lost your lovely girl. The hardest part of loving them is saying goodbye. I hope your many years of sweet memories will give you reason to smile whenever you think of her .
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    Experimental and comparison videos

    As always your videos are informative and at times thought provoking. I don't drive a pair but who knows I might want to one day. Plenty of valuable insights for any driver there whether driving one horse or more. I'll be back for more, thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Experimental and comparison videos

    I always enjoy your videos :) I'll try to have a look.
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    I saw an eagle today

    Oh my, it does seem likely that its a pair planning to nest in your vicinity. Can you call your extension agent about ways to discourage them from staying? If you explain the issue maybe they our your conservation service can give you some guidance. I would be very unhappy to have anything...
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    Winning a $10,000,000 lottery???

    I have the property already (55 acres) but if I had the money I'd buy a house for my special needs daughter and set up a trust for her so she would always have enough. Then pay off my son's mortgage and my BIL/SIls as well. Some would be earmarked for charity too and I would like an indoor...
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    Your weather week of 1/28/19

    I swear I must have been too smug about our mild winter because it has settled in with a vengeance now. With the wind chill we are seeing minus 40ish (40 is 40 in both Celsius and Fahrenheit ) and we have about 4 feet of snow. I can absolutely agree with this!!
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    Maybelle's Training & Fitness Journal

    From what I can tell looking at your picture I think your headstall needs some adjusting. The blinder seems to sit low on the eye. It could be just the angle of the picture but I have a gelding here that I have struggled mightily trying to fit a headstall on and had exactly that problem. Its...
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    Your weather week of 1/28/19

    Oh my goodness Minimor! That is wild. The coldest weather I ever saw was years ago when we lived in Northern Alberta, the temps one morning were -73 F and when my husband tried to leave for work (his truck fired right up amazingly enough so the engine warmed just fine) he took the gear shift in...
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    Your weather week of 1/28/19

    Boy can I agree with that sentiment!The first winter here in our new place I had to haul a hose out to fill water tubs, I do NOT ever want to have to do that again. The following spring the first project was to set that waterer in place. It is outside but never freezes up (touch wood, not trying...
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    I saw an eagle today

    Thats pretty scary Cayuse. The only bird that's ever dive bombed me was a momma robin when I go to close to her nest (not my fault she nested under the eves by my door) and that was bad enough. I can only imagine what it would be like if it was something much bigger!:eek:
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    Your weather week of 1/28/19

    I know what you mean about the fires Ryan. We had one that came right up to our round pen at our old farm a few years back. I can't recall ever being so scared. But... all that is a long way off. Today it was a balmy -5 celsius (23 F) and our snowbanks are massive. Where it lays undisturbed on...
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    Kodak Moments

    Every time I see a new picture you've posted I want to look out my window a little bit less. 'sigh', I miss summer and yours looks so beautiful.
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    I saw an eagle today

    It is possible that the one you saw was just a 'transient' but I'd keep looking. Sometimes you see one then nothing for long enough that you start to believe there are none in the area only to spot another unexpectedly. Sadly the best place in this area to see them is our land fill. There are a...
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    Your Drive Day

    Hehehe, sometimes even those who aren't able to really grasp how to help with training can be a BIG help by offering a second set of hands. Your Nugget sounds a bit like my "problem child" , when he does well he's a star but some days its like he has taken a huge step back in his skill set. Mine...