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  1. ravenwoodfarm

    Finally getting our barn, so our boys should be here next weekend

    May I ask where you are getting your barn from. Our therapy program is looking for one.
  2. ravenwoodfarm

    Your Drive Day

    Good Morning from Florida! It’s very hot here so driving Tucker has to be first thing in the morning. My husband comes along in the farm cart since Tucker is still somewhat green and needs miles. Prayers for all you facing the fires. We are in the peak of hurricane season ugh!
  3. ravenwoodfarm

    Driving in Florida Temperatures

    Any advice on driving in the Florida heat?
  4. ravenwoodfarm

    Rosie and the Clippers...

    How did you do around the ears and forelock? Looking for the protocol for doing this.
  5. ravenwoodfarm

    To Clip the Mini or Not?

    Any standards as to the correct way to clip a mini I.e., bridle path length and how to thin a mane and forelock?