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  1. RAPfrosty

    One of my favorite & most beautiful mares...

    Such a pretty girl! You must be excited for that baby!
  2. RAPfrosty

    September- Crazy Month

    What a crazy month! Your children are absolutely adorable! Fours are fun !
  3. RAPfrosty

    Exciting Thanksgiving / Pictures added

    What a cool name, I like it! Congrats on such a sweet, adorable great-grandson!
  4. RAPfrosty

    where you from? About yourself?

    I haven't been on here in a while since we had to put my one and only mini down in November so I thought this might be a nice post to sort of re-introduce myself. I'm a junior in college majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I rode horses almost my whole life and fell in love...
  5. RAPfrosty

    Rescue Update

    She looks so great! What a pretty girl !
  6. RAPfrosty

    New Mare! (Not what you think...)

    My first pony was a Welsh pony, I love 'em and she is a gorgeous one! Congrats!
  7. RAPfrosty

    Electro's first foal- UNVEILED

    I love that stretching picture! What an adorable little guy, I just love buckskins!
  8. RAPfrosty

    Remembering our loved minis lost in 2009

    I lost my one and only mini, Fever in November . He is greatly missed!
  9. RAPfrosty

    Merry Christmas from all of us!

    Welcome back, I've been gone for a while too! Everyone looks so cute and fuzzy! Looking forward to hearing about the new ones!
  10. RAPfrosty

    Silly Christmas Photo

    Aw haha too cute!
  11. RAPfrosty

    More fun with photography

    I too love photography and love looking at other people's work. Great pictures of a very handsome boy!
  12. RAPfrosty

    Mazie's first trip to Quail Summit!!!

    What a great trip! Great pictures!
  13. RAPfrosty

    Sad news

    I have a very sad update. Fever went downhill fast. He lost a lot of weight very quickly, stopped eating, was struggling to breath, had bloody diarrhea and bloody mouth (internal bleeding). He had laid down and was unable to get up and was thrashing around and his eyes seemed unresponsive. We...
  14. RAPfrosty

    Sad news

    I would just like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has sent good wishes or shared their stories with me! You have no idea how much better all of this is making me feel and how much hope it has given me. We are getting xrays done to see if we can figure out exactly what's wrong and then...
  15. RAPfrosty

    Sad news

    He can't walk, so I guess in reality he's not completely happy. I meant more that he is still himself and eating and drinking and everything.