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    Lucky Harts Only R Express

    O my goodness! Beautiful!!!
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    Finally! New pics of my Doc FILLY!

    She is adorable! Beautiful pictures!
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    LCA's Second 2011 Baby has arrived

    She is just huggable!
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    More Star Strucks Phantom Babies!

    You must be so thrilled! They're lovely!!!
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    Introducing "Cooper", our first 2011 foal

    O he is precious! Love the light shading he has now around his eyes and muzzle. Crossing my fingers you get a filly or maybe even 2!!!
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    Fashion Finally Foaled!!

    She's beautiful Devon! Stunning!!
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    The COLTS of Pondering Oaks

    Beautiful colts!!! Just stunning!
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    Let's see your favorite, personally owned Buckeroo relation

    My only mini now but no matter how many I had, he'd still be my favorite Rowbuck JJ - 13 year old Buckeroo grandson, son of Buckeroos Little Rascal owned by Lucky Hart Ranch
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    We have a FOAL!!!!

    Congrats Matt!!! Devilishly handsome!
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    Filly Unveiled

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I can see why you are so tickled with her! (And I hear you on the weather part - we could really go for a permanent warm-up and dryout grrrrr)
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    Need some AMHR paperwork help please

    I recently sold a coming 3-year-old gelding unregistered but he can be registered. I gave the buyer a signed application and also the signed stallion certificate (I do not own his sire). Is there any other paperwork she will need to send in to get papers on him? What could I be missing here...
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    Another foal for us!

    He's a looker! Simply awesome!!
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    Best Name

    I love it Renee!!! haha
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    Zee pics

    VERY beautiful! Looks very much like a "big horse" and not a mini to me!
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    Major Life Changes at Dusty Lane

    Wow Jean that IS quite the change! You'll have a lot more time for family now I bet, which will be very nice and you'll always have many, many friends in the mini world!