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    The horses at Windy Acres FArms in WI

    Oh, My! You have Khaki Kisses - I wondered where she ended up - she was always a little sweetheart - she was born on our farm - I have her sire "SunRaes White Gold" and her dam - "Sunset Ridge Tequila Rose" Khaki always had the sweetest disposition. "If" you ever decide to sell her, please let...
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    Star On Foal Watch

    "CONGRATULATIONS!" on a handsome little man!!
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    Star On Foal Watch

    Kay, I hope you are watching and that your hubby is home - she looks like she is getting very close.
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    Devastated- We lost mom & foal

    I am so sorry for this terrible loss, it is difficult enough to lose the foal but when the mare is lost, also - it is so much more difficult. Lots of hugs and prayers for your family and especially for your daughter as she deals with this devastating loss. I so hope and pray that your other...
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    Katie at 308

    Just checking in on Katie - she is completely in charge and seems to have that attitude, "I will have this baby on my terms!" Mini mares - gotta love em!!
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    Katie at 308

    Hi Holly - I am now on Katie's cam site - but don't know how to answer in the chat room. Just want to say - what a gorgeous mare but then I am soooo partial to the duns - she is beautiful!! She does seem to be ready and I noticed she keeps looking back at her stomach - my dun mare Tequila is...
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    Saturday guess - 78
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    Saturday guess - 158
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    Friday guess - 64
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    Thursday guess-72
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    ORAL use of Injectable Ivermectin

    I always use the liquid Ivermectin - 1cc per 100 pounds and I add molasses to it - have had no problems with the horses trying to spit it out.
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    Beautiful blue halter/lead from CMHR Mission of Thanks

    Thanks Gini and CMHR Mission of Thanks for the beautiful halter - it arrived promptly and is going to look great on Ella. Sorry this has taken me so long to let you know that I have received it - have had a lot of health issues with my husband and the time has just gone too fast. I will get a...
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    My Sunday number is - 151
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    My guess for Saturday - 130
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    NEW Mission Record,,,, Total Page 30

    I am thankful for life and the ability to make the most of every single day - for my family, my friends, the wonderful people that have made an impact on my life and for the precious animals that live on this earth.