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    Draft horses near me

    So happy that's working out for you Marsha ! I'm just getting back on here after awhile of not checking so I haven't been posting all along , but I"m trying to catch up . I just got a Instagram so if you figure out the cowboys account name, maybe you could send it to me ? Sounds like he's the...
  2. PintoPalLover

    CYROMAZINE fly product

    I'm curious to hear what you find out on this subject Marsha.  It would kind of make sense , when you think about all the chemicals in fly spray, it seems like feeding them something (the right something) wouldn't be too bad. I've been just doing fly masks some here so far.
  3. PintoPalLover

    Parasite information

    Thanks for sharing Marsha  !
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    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Thank you so much !!! It worked perfect
  5. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Thank you !!! I think she had a full sister too, but AMHA her sister was never transferred out of the breeders name if I remember right. Do you think you could look her up for me too ? Her registered name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Dashing Doll.... I believe. Thanks again !
  6. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Hi everyone, I have mare I'd like for somebody to look up for me in AMHR. Her name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Shez My Girl. I have her papers but mostly I want to know if she has any foals registered with AMHR. She was suppose to have had two foals before we bought her but I don't know if they were...
  7. PintoPalLover

    Pregnancy Care

    Beautiful girl ! Thank you for for posting her picture Hope she has a healthy and pretty baby for you !
  8. PintoPalLover

    Bit opinions

    My mare liked the mullen mouth a fair bit better than the regular jointed snaffle, I would think it would be worth a try for you.
  9. PintoPalLover

    I'm going on an adventure

    I second Cayuse's post , Jeannie
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    How did your animals react to the Eclipse? *updated

    So sorry for your loss. It must be a terrible thing to go through.
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    Hours to Drive 2017

    She looks so cute MajorClem
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    New horse

    He's a cute fella, hope he works out well. I like Rocky for a name, too. Can your husband change his mind ?
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    Halter rubs eye

    Minimor has a very good point. I think some horses don't do as well in the heavier halters, you have to work with what your horse tells you. My particular horses need the the adjustment of the noseband ,while some horses don't so much I think. For a smaller mini , like yours, I could definitely...
  14. PintoPalLover

    Halter rubs eye

    I agree with Minimor. I might add that lots of mini halters are cheap, I like mine to have good hardware and have a couple places to adjust the straps , noseband and poll at least. As far as teaching them to stay up with you while leading them, as some have said, you can use a crop. I like to...
  15. PintoPalLover

    Halter rubs eye

    I always say "you don't know what you don't know" too KLJcowgirl !