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    Web sites important?

    When I was getting back into Shetlands, I loved that websites seemed to be "the rage" and were often times posted a little bit about the pony itself, with a pedigree and a group of pictures. Some had links to info about the other ancestors. I had previously been a member and then pulled out my...
  2. paintponylvr

    Post your Vehicles!

    What a great thread! I'll post some in a bit. Cayuse - Nikki's Express (website currently being rebuilt) used to have an Amish builder make their mini forecarts in green - a lot more minimal metal(s) than mine from Pioneer. I think you can check with White Horse Manufacturing? I believe they...
  3. paintponylvr

    French Link Bit

    have you checked - Ozark Mtn Mini Tack, Star Lake Tack, Running Creek Minis or Chimicum? Also the driving store out of Iowa? She can get bits of many different styles & sizes! Iowa Valley Carriage
  4. paintponylvr

    Driving Pairs

    Smaller wheels also = less weight. ********** Dominiak also has a mini sized marathon styled carriage. There is a woman in NY who imports these vehicles. I don't see the Mini sized carriage currently on her site - the others are quite a bit more $ than the mini is/was, but it's been a few...
  5. paintponylvr

    Tail Tying and Roans

    Some of the things I've learned about pair driving - No matter what color, they can be hard to match via shade (not impossible) It's better to not only match them up in personality, but in type & height so that they move the same It certainly is nice to not have them constantly "warring" with...
  6. paintponylvr

    Tail Tying and Roans

    i've had the opposite problem with some I've had for sale. Go out and take more, current photos, maybe even some video. Send it. They can only come out the one or two days im actually at work and can't take off. Some talking back and forth and OK to the 3rd day I work - which I can get off...
  7. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    If you take a look at this mini/pony (? - he may be either bred by the Frasiers here in NC?), I think his harness shows the hook (or something similar) like in my previous post. I think you will see what I am referring to and why I think that this type of hook/strap could be too short IN YOUR...
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    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    I finally found what I was looking for but in looking at it, I don't think it would work in this situation. It's called a breast collar keeper. Mike Herron of Herron's Tack offers it for sale - you can blow up the pic and see it. It's not...
  9. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    on the first comment - I did once. I had it, and cut it apart. OK, it was a cheaply made, inexpensive driving headstall. What was available 30+ years ago when I was starting... Her's appears to be made the 2nd way you mention when you look at the pic that she displayed the whole harness. BUT...
  10. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    I finally found a "neck strap hook"??? Again on Chimacum's site... But this time you can look it up under pleasure harness. It's a drawn pic. WOW, I found an OLD, archived post from 2011 (while looking at images on Google for harness, LOL). I guess I HAD stated writing here in Lil'...
  11. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    This link is just one that shows a nice adjustment, hope it's ok to again use Chimacum's site link. While that lower buckle adjustment doesn't have a keeper on it (the loop is smaller/neater), it does have the noseband running thru the open part of the loop...
  12. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    I don't think you want or should run your neck strap directly over the water hook. WHY? Because in your open style training and in ADS, farm or trail driving, a horse drops his head down. When the head goes down on your horse, especially when she drops it down to the ground (YES, I know...
  13. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    You may have to so some clipping/trimming of her mane/forelock to allow a proper fit. This is when a small, short bridlepath would work well. It isn't just for looks (yes, it would look better), but for SAFETY. The way your bridle is now, because its sitting atop of her hair, she could shake...
  14. paintponylvr

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    I have found that a lot of the current day leather hole punches don't work well (or that I just plain lack the hand strength, these days, to use it properly?)... I found that I can use a drill bit and drill press SO much easier and can get smaller holes, too! Even just using a battery operated...
  15. paintponylvr

    An Eight hitch

    I LOVE IT - when you share your experiences! How AWESOME that is!!! I can't even imagine how tired your hands, arms & shoulders are after that first drive! Or maybe not, since you've been driving regularly? Are you able to do the lines and hitch a 4-up by yourself? If so, divulge your...