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    Height discrepancy on purchased horse

    I had two long time breeders over yesterday - and asked them to measure this mare. They both commented about her having to be oversize - it is that obvious. So we got the measuring stick out - stood the mare - measured - mover her and measured again. She is definitely 36 - no way in the world...
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    Height discrepancy on purchased horse

    I am sure that lots of purchasers have been disappointed, upset, betrayed when they have purchased a horse represented as an AMHA/AMHR horse that is under 34" - only to have the horse arrive after a very long trailer ride to find that the said horse is much taller than represented (e.g. 36")...
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    Color Testing came back today

    I have a perlino stud colt that I pulled hair on and sent off to the lab for testing. This is what the results are... Red-Factor Result: E/e - Both black and red factors detected. Either E or e transmitted to offspring. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying...
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    Maiden mares..

    I had a maiden mare go 367 days - I thought she was never going to foal. She was hand bred so I know exactly when she was bred - and I never pasture breed my mares. Her foal was big - and it was a tough delivery but all turned out fine!!!!
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    Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo- AMHA Show 28-29th, 2012

    I know this is a long shot - but if anyone in that area has noticed a beautiful boxer puppy (she is now 6 months old) - please message me. A pick of the litter female show puppy was stolen at the horse sale on the Sunday following the final day of the World show in October 2011. The person...
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    My first Mini is in foal and due in 2 weeks!

    Best of luck with your first mini foaling - please make sure to post photos!!!! Just a note about due dates - they are only a guideline - minis can foal from approx 300 days to over 365 days - which is a huge spread!!!! I keep track of each of my mares days of gestation - so that I have a...
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    I Can't Stop Crying

    I am so sorry to hear this. It is always so tragic and so hard to understand when we try our best to make the safest environment for our horses that we love so dearly. I had a similar thing happen with a yearling colt - he got his head caught and I think I found him just in time. I was lucky...
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    **UPDATE** On Faith

    Wow - she is a gorgeous filly - so glad everything worked out. She is worth it!!!!
  9. mmmorgans

    Pine pelleted bedding...pros or cons

    Is there somewhere in Canada to buy the paper shavings? I have never seen it!!!! I don't really like the regular shavings - and they are expensive. Straw has been hard to find this year. I like straw for foaling - but it is very labour intensive!!!!
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    Trailer load of fun!!!

    Congratulations!!!!! I know some of your horses well - as I have been to Triple K many times!!!! You picked some awesome horses from Triple K!!!! And wow - you also picked some awesome horses from LKF!!!!! Way to go!!!! I personally welcome every one of them to Canada!!!! I think Mary...
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    Yes you are too big to ride a mini!!!!

    She deserves a good kick in the head - what an idiot. I think the Humane Society should be involved in abuse like this.
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    AMHA Eastern Championship show 2011

    Does anyone know who the photographer was at the AMHA Eastern Championship show this past weekend? Thanks.
  13. mmmorgans

    Jambalaya show - Indiana - June 2011

    Thanks - very exciting!!!!
  14. mmmorgans

    Jambalaya show - Indiana - June 2011

    Well I found out what happened - my yearling stallion - Triple K Planned Perfection - won Grand Champion Junior Champion - and then - my senior stallion Triple K Cinsis American Legend 2 won Grand Champion Senior Stallion and a Supreme. Thankyou Laura Tennill for showing these boys so well!!!!
  15. mmmorgans

    Have any of you ever bought young minis that were not "tame" or worked with yet?

    My first 3 minis were as wild as deer. I bought them because I felt sorry for them as they were foraging for feed in 2 feet of snow - and had no water - and it was bitterly cold. They were a lot of work - but eventually they came around. There were 2 stallions and a mare - all 3 year olds. I...