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    Ideas needed to convert two horse trailer

    I converted a 1995 2 horse trail et into a 3 mini horse slant, it has no dressing room. If you go to my website in my signature, I have a blog post of the conversion we did.
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    Best Trailer for Mini Horses

    we took a standard two horse trailer and had it converted to fit 3 minis, possibly four if I don't use the front section for a tack area. Ours is a 1995 trail-et which is like the hawk brand trailers. I pull that with a 2010 Toyota Tacoma 6 cyl
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    Weaning info

    We raised Thoroughbreds for years and we never put them back together once the weaning process started and we would actually put them in a field on the opposite side of the farm. Usually after a week I would say they would calm down and not really worry about their moms. The most stressful days...
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    Help can't clipp

    My past gelding would NOT let you near his ears even if you were on the bridle path, it would be an all out war. It wasn't that he wasnt desensitized enough, heck he was being clipped as a weanling, he just didn't want you touching them, just one of those quirks. We always had to give him a...
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    FEI World Championships for Single driving live now

    IT was a really good stream to watch. I know one of the women on the USA team, I use to do pony club with her, Suzy Stafford with Peace of Mind (Hunny). She has come such a long way since pony club I can say that, she is a wonderful driver.
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    Help can't clipp

    we use a little bit of damosidan (sp?) but you would have to aquire it through your vet. Its a gel paste in a tube so easy to administer.
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    im sorry for your loss
  8. MiniNHF

    Lost Another Member of the Family

    Thank you all for the comments it has really helped
  9. MiniNHF

    Lost Another Member of the Family

    Thank you, I at least have my one boy to fill my time. The hardest part is I cannot fill that spot till well into next year after our new property is bought and paid for .
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    Gelding Kevin

    My stallion who is usually very quiet and mellow turned 5 this year and has decided anything without testicles needs to be bred and has been a pain in my butt especially at shows. He also now paces the stall when a certain stallion comes in and wont stop; sometimes they have to tie him off in...
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    Lost Another Member of the Family

    Thank you everyone who posted so far. It was a snow ball of complications that just added onto the original problem. The colic wouldn't have happened if we kept him more active but listening to the chiros etc to keep him stall bound with minimal activity being just hand walking was the best way...
  12. MiniNHF

    Lost Another Member of the Family

    I haven't been on much since May after my gelding went down after a horse show with injuries because I have been so consumed with going down there every other day to tend to him and meet the chiro/therapist. This past July 14th, we lost him to a partial or fully twisted colon which we thought...
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    Combined Driving with Miniature Horses

    Im staying away from combined driving for now. Reason being that apparently the schooling show we did in April with the deep sand that should have been sawdust ended up causing major inflammation, joint, muscle you name it issues to my main show gelding who was and is fit do to having to...
  14. MiniNHF

    2016 Shows

    We did our first big rated show this past weekend in Lexington VA. Since both of my boys are in classic I have to put some in open. I did Amateur Classic Pleasure with my gelding and got 4th out of I think 16 (that's only my second time driving him in a show since a youth usually competes him)...
  15. MiniNHF

    Face abcess

    I had a QH that came to me with a deep puncture wound around his neck and shoulder area, thinking it was from a tree branch. It had abscessed because it prematurely closed from what the previous owner was doing. My vet cut the abscess back open and he was on antibiotics and I had to flush it out...