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    It happens in Three

    On they say he has passed. I just found it. Now they say he was never revived and dead when they found him.
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    It happens in Three

    I am also not seeing anywhere where they are saying he has passed. Just that he is in the hospital in cardiac arrest. Where ar eyou getting this info from?
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    Book readers!

    Read it! Loved it! Still sticks with me in everyday life. Some of it was so very hard to read and I sure cried a lot but some of those tears were just good ones. Made me thinks about things and possibilites. Good stuff there!
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    My Grandson, Aidan's First Bithday!

    Well, that will be me in a year. My daughter is about to have her first child, my first grandchild, a boy named....Aiden!!!!! We had her baby shower Saturday. so, next year right around this time i will get to post pictures of my Aiden's first birthday too! Yay!! I sure hope he is as much of...
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    Grey's Anatomy Season Finale in 1 Hour!

    According to the publicist for the show neither of them are leaving. But of course they have been known to lie every now and then.
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    Thinking about buying a home

    I believe Countrywide just got bought. And it does nto matter whether you go with a bank loan or a mortgage company loan. The loan will get sold, most of teh time before you even make your first payment and it could get sold to anyone. Don't let that scare you, it happens to almost everyone...
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    Could someone suggest

    Definitely QuickBooks Pro. Has everything you need and works with other products as you need to grow.
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    I wish I could explain it to my dog

    If you cannot get through to your dog on your own, you can always contact Bonnie and have her have a chat with him. I am sure that would work and put the dogs mind and heart at ease.
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    My Florida trip...amazing and some news!

    Oh Linda, I just knew that was what the surprise was. Congratulations! How exciting!!
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    Emma is almost here! One week to go!

    Oh my goodness, I missed the whole thing, where the heck have I been? Sheesh! Huge huge congratulations! I am so happy for you all. Welcome to the world precious little one. She is a true beauty! Gosh it seems like just yesterday you announced the pregnancy and now here we are a bunch of...
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    Congratulations! What a little cutie pie he is!
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    Toronto: Then & Now

    Oh Matt, how very cool. I love old buildings and history so I went back and forth through the pictures seeing what was missing and not there anymore. And hwo things are different. Veyr neat. Thank you for posting that.
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    Pay cut what would you do?

    Not what you want to hear, but I would just br glad he even has a job at all. Tell him to start looking for another one but be glad he has one until he finds something else.
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    Whos right? My son or Me. Opinions please

    I have to also back the opinion of making it special by only doing it on occasion. This is one reason my mother in law barely sees our children. She had no respect for us as parents and would not abide by our decisions for our children or how to raise them. She crossed us at every turn and...
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    need help naming my new business

    Chip Off The Ole Block Backwoods Shavings Tannenbaum Shavings Piney Woods Shavings