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    What's your favorite bloodline for throwing that arabian head?

    McCarthys Aloha Silent Partner The prettiest heads you will ever see -- see him and some of his foals
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    Two more foals for CMC!!!

    Concrats on your Gorgeous Fillies What a NIGHT !! Please tell me more about tying a bag of hot water ??
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    Silver Buckskin

    WOw..... I would have called that baby a palomino! ) What a surprise !
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    Moving to Maryland

    Hi ! Welcome to the area ! There is a mini farm in Leesburg, Virginia... not far from you! They are Wonderful people, the minis are all UTD on everything.. well cared for and socialized ) I highly recomend ! ~Sandy
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    I just got one for my grandaughter.... and I gotta say.. I wanted to keep it ...... So cute And Olivia LOVES it !
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    AMHR National Late Entries

    Thank you Diane,, My thoughts all day. ((( !!!!! !
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    Adopting from Humane Society

    James.... How is Oliver? Meant to ask earlier !
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    Easter Filly at On Target Miniatures / color help please

    Congrats on your BEautiful baby ) Love her pretty little tiny face ) Since dam is HZ for black.... I would say Silver bay or Silver dapple.... maybe grey I agree! Enjoy.. She's a doll!
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    Strange marking. What is it?

    Hey Charlotte, Ya know what it looks like to me?... she's been rubbing on your wire fence? I just clipped my 7mo colt... and he has the same marks.... and I know where his came from. Could it be?
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    Horse needs more energy/ Enthusiasm/ Speed??

    I don't know what Purina Mini and Pony is? I feed plain oats to the easy keepers in training..
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    Foals born sorrel that turn palomino I would love to see photos

    Hank got a hair dye job didn't he?.... hehehe AMAZING !! He's def a pally !!
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    Foals born sorrel that turn palomino I would love to see photos

    Jill.. Have you tested Bliss ? I ask because I wonder if she is Red Dun only ? My mare Moose is red dun, tested Cream neg.. and looks Very similar. Just curious
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    Foals born sorrel that turn palomino I would love to see photos

    Congrats on your beautiful baby ) My 2010 colt Amir's Phoenix, was born very red, but it was clear he is palomino as soon as he dried off,, and testing has verified it.
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    Photo Shoots for your horses

    Thanks for your input
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    Wow.. Thank goodness you and your family and all your critters are ok. !! What a huge event in your life. ((((Hugs))))