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    It's a GIRL

    Congrats! <3
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    New Baby on the way !

    Thanks everyone! I am wishing this baby we bring this year to this world be happy and healthy .
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    Happy New Year to all our forum friends

    Happy New Year !!!
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    Happy New Year!!

    Awesome pic! Happy New Year !
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    New Baby on the way !

    I had talk to my hubby last night and he thinks that he is going to lose me when I have the baby . I told him just don't think anything bad just think the good things in life .
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    New Baby on the way !

    Thanks ! Yep it's me I am going to have one . (:
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    New Baby on the way !

    I have to say ....Happy Dance !!! I am finely going to have a baby ! <3
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    A little news

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    I know i was not on ...but

    Thanks everyone ! I am going to let my body fully heal . I found out I was way low on iron and I was bleeding a lot . I am glad that I am not bleeding that I was . I will be on iron pills for 2 years . Plus eatting the food that has a lot of iron , but I miss eatting liver . But one thing I have...
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    I know i was not on ...but

    I know I have not been on here before December I have to get this on my chest , I know I had posted it on FB 2 times , that I lost a baby in December , I am still buliding up my body and getting better every day . That day I thought I was going to die . My skin turn blue and I could not even...
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    Its really Spring!!

    It will come just pray for warmer weather , The snow was a spring snow . Did anyone hear thunder and see lighting when the last snow fall ?
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    ♥♥♥ For those interested in losing weight ♥♥♥

    I did not diet at all and I lost weight by eating on small plates , soda is a no no ! I all I drink is water , juice and milk . But you can eat the same foods , but eat foods baked not fried . The main veggie I am eating is most of the time is cabbage, Cabbage is good for your tummy and it brake...
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    Mini stallion couldnt pee!!

    Glad he is feeling better!
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    Baby oil for shedding

    I use a shedding tool then I use the grooming block and then brush off the hair , after that I spray with any grooming spray and wipe off .
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    I need some help with color...

    The mare looks sliver bay