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    Help with Figuring Out/Harnessing To Vintage Sulky

    I personally would not hitch this to any animal. But it sure is a neat cart!! To answer your questions: No you do not want to hitch up to a cart without a single tree. Over time you will end up with a sore pony. I can't tell but it looks like it does not have an axel. Finding a pneumatic wheel...
  2. MindySchroder

    Can I shorten wooden shafts?

    The only reason this would not work is the width. As you move backward in the shafts they most likely get wider. And using shafts that are too wide is just as bad for the pony as using shafts that are too narrow. It's best to purchase another set of shafts. Also, I have to wonder if the rest of...
  3. MindySchroder

    Poo Poo Crazy

    The problem I see with this is the very fact that the bike is lightweight. Believe me when I tell you, you do NOT want a lightweight vehicle behind a pair of ponies. Just out of curiosity... have you driven a pair of ponies? They are a lot of power, two brains coming up with GREAT ideas and...
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    How to bring out the shine in your horse's coat?

    At the very least my comments have caused you to go digging and researching. I do believe we are all doing what we believe is best for our ponies. There are as many different ways to feed as there ponies and horses.... and people. The horse and pony world is full of people who know best and...
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    How to bring out the shine in your horse's coat?

    Sorry, I should have been more clear... feeding corn oil is not something that is good for a pony's health. It's amazing that horses and ponies have evolved over the years to get fat from their forage. I am constantly amazed at how their bodies were designed. We tend to OVER feed fats. And...
  6. MindySchroder

    How to bring out the shine in your horse's coat?

    I love Horse Haus brushes, made in Germany. They hold up wonderfully and really help the grooming process: Brushes Archives - HorseHaus My favorite brush for fluffy ponies is the Urchin: Horse Grooming Set 'Gold Classic' - HorseHaus (it's the little mane and tail brush in the collection. You...
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    Training for connection and respect

    No. There is no such thing as "being a pony" or "pony-tude" Just like with horses these behaviors are taught. They don't want life to be hard any more than we do. But they have to survive. And they survive in a world where they don't speak our language and in most cases humans are not willing to...
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    Training for connection and respect

    When I say that I mean they come to you when you enter their pen. I accomplish this in small increments through the day. Going in to interact many times throughout the day and always bringing some kind of food with me. First I'll only expect them to look at me, then I'll give the food and leave...
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    Training for connection and respect

    In my experience round penning ponies doesn't always work that well. They are so smart and in many cases super sensitive so they can take round penning very personally or figure out that first they run for 10-15 minutes THEN they get caught. And they will do this EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have had to...
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    Bouncy shafts in my New Frey Cart--YEEK! not happy

    DO keep in mind that when you use wrap straps to deal with bounce THE BOUNCE DOES NOT GO AWAY FOR THE PONY!!! Instead it transfers to their tummy. We may not notice it anymore but they do. Bounce is simple. It means the cart is not yet balanced. Not that balancing is simple. It isn't. Ever. With...
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    Heart Horse

    I have had many heart horses. To me a heart horse is one that no matter what shenanigans it gets up to, it doesn't scare you. Because you KNOW it would never hurt you. Zorro is definitely a heart pony. My mustang was a heart horse. She was full of it but would never hurt me. Never. My arab...
  12. MindySchroder

    Buying a harness?

    I wouldn't waste your money on either of those harnesses to be honest. If you don't ever plan on hitching him to anything and are not planning on doing in hand dressage work a simple halter and two long lines will take you both very far. I use a little rope that has a loop on each end. This rope...
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    Comfy Fit in Dishwasher

    yes I used regular dishwasher soap!
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    Accessories For Sale Hyperbike

    Yes this would work for a 42-43" pony and the fact that her shafts are the STRAIGHT ones is HUGE!! The gig end shafts that he makes now make balancing so very difficult and the large gig hooks on the lines and makes things very difficult. I asked him to make me straight shafts and he refused, so...
  15. MindySchroder

    Comfy Fit in Dishwasher

    Yes I've done it and it works great! I just leave it in for the wash and rinse cycle and then take it out and dry it with a towel :)