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    Balking in cart

    This could be a completely new problem and if you have made a habit of consciously or unconsciously allowing her to make the. Rules or run the show it could well be that she is just having a little diva moment in which case a smart crack with the whip should resolve the issue. You must be...
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    A little video a friend did for me

    I love sabinos and Q is quite a handsome boy Holly! Nice to have the video so you can see him show too. Gotta fix those ears LOL but what a handsome fella!!! Congratulations!
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    rain rot and full winter coat

    I personally wouldn't advise clipping at this time of year. If he is experiencing rain rot his immune system is already somewhat compromised and if you take away his cold weather protection there is a good chance you will create a larger problem than you already have. DON'T blanket him - fungus...
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    Training suggestions plllease

    I agree with this 99%! I would agree with it 100% except that occasionally you meet a horse like Peek who has his own agenda no matter how enthusiastic you are ROFL My point is there are always exceptions to every rule but very good advice - you must think forward when you want forward.
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    Best accomplishment of the year

    My biggest accomplishment this year was retraining a horse, (Establo Radiant of Noblebrook Farm) who had wrecked several times with his previous driver, and winning National Top Ten with him driving at Tulsa. It is particularly satisfying because he was fearful of the cart and harness and now he...
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    Jazzy's Training and Some TINY Questions...

    You are extremely lucky that things worked out as they have. It is extremely dangerous to hitch an experienced horse to a cart without a bridle and lead him from the ground with a halter let alone a green for his first time in the shafts. It is dangerous enough with a bridle on without a helper...
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    Rolling and bucking in harness, HELP!!!!

    First carefully check and see if there is anything about the harness that isnt right causing her to want to roll and scrape it off or buck and lose it.Once you are satisfied that nothing is bothering her and it is strictly high spirit and not redognizing work time take her to the round pen with...
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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    We could hang our lines down there and gab about the good old days when Minis were Minis :0) There is something to be said about the peace and quiet of an icehut in the middle of a lake far from civilization....
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    I have a question regarding

    Search "putting a pair to a 2 wheel cart Cape cart restoration" and you will find a really GREAT article about all the intricacies of setting one up properly. Personally I don't see the need to do so. Considering the number of affordable and appropriate vehicles for a pair that are available I...
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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    The ones that don't agree with you Renee are the ones that are looking for a quick 'in' - they haven't spent years trying to develop the closest they can get to their ideal Mini only to have it thrown in their face that Minis in the AMHR are valueless unless they hold papers in some other...
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    He looks beautiful and so do you! Your smile is what it's all about! Merry Christmas to you and Dapper Dan!
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    7 month old filly...attitude!

    Get yourself some lessons in horsemanship! The good news here is that your filly is healthy and full of spunk so you are doing a good job keeping her healthy. The bad news is that she thinks she is dominant over you so you are not doing a good job being the boss mare. Horses use very subtle...
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    I Need Help Until We Get To The Vet

    If you are suspecting laminitis I would get some ice to stand her in. That will keep the swelling down and prevent as much damage as possible until the vet can get there and give her medication. If you have snow already get her back outside in the snow - that is the quickest easiest way to keep...
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    Safe way to have some winter fun?

    Just a word of advice: breastcollars are not meant for anything other than horizontal draft. That means that when you attach the traces down low such as directly to the front of a sleigh on the ground you are making it a lot of work for your horse and possibly painful for him if the collar slips...
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    Five things you would tell a new mini owner...

    1) Feed little and often and make water available.Keep their feed schedule as close to that of a naturally grazing animal as you can. 2) Don't rely on a visual to check for body condition - use your hands to feel their ribs and hips through that fluffy coat particularly in winter. You shouldn't...