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  1. Michelle@wescofarms

    Do people still rescue?

    There are a two Miniature Equine rescues in NorCal - and GallopingAngelsRescueandSanctuary. I refer people to these two that want a pet and don't want to pay what my pets go for! Also if someone wants a Mini, I always encourage getting two, so send them to those ladies for a...
  2. Michelle@wescofarms

    Hi, from Northern Calif.

    Greetings and welcome. NorCal has lots of great Minis and Mini lovers.
  3. Michelle@wescofarms

    Putting a value on a mini

    Anything well trained and bomb proof to drive on trails is generally going to cost more than a young horse with no experience (unless you are buying with later breeding of a registered horse or showing, etc.). Out in California you'd be looking at $3500-6500 easily. Take into consideration...
  4. Michelle@wescofarms

    What is the first advice?

    We have a post on our website for those new to Minis. I do ask people if they've read it too. It's pretty general, but gives a start and hopefully food for thought.
  5. Michelle@wescofarms

    How much do miniature horses cost?

    Your purchase price is the cheapest part of getting a horse. The annual maintenance and upkeep over the years is the big cost. Based on location, prices vary quite a bit. I'm in Northern California. We sell geldings/pets for $1500+, mares for usually double that. If you're looking at pets...
  6. Michelle@wescofarms

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    Interesting article I read today about Barometic Pressure and colic.
  7. Michelle@wescofarms

    Grass alternatives for paddock/pasture?

    This came through on Facebook, but what a great idea to keep your horses busy on smaller acreage. It's long but worth the watch.
  8. Michelle@wescofarms

    can a 2 year old filly breed?

    Two year olds can get bred and foal. Same like a young teenage human. Just because they can, doesn't mean they should! <<I am not against raising a foal from her, but she is too young for my liking. What do you think? she is a beautiful little filly, would you take the chance on her?>> If...
  9. Michelle@wescofarms

    Kandi Crow...she's still at it/at it again.

    Oregon's animal laws don't have the teeth that some states do sadly. Plus her, her relatives and "friends" are slippery. I'm surprised at the number of people that help her (saw some at the seizure auction) and buy into her b.s. I'm sorry if I went to someone's ranch and saw starving animals...
  10. Michelle@wescofarms

    Breeding question

    It's really wonderful you are asking questions and learning! That said, I wouldn't let them out together at all, ever. We had a year of fence jumping, thru the fence breeding, one shot wonder escape artists which results in seven foals over a 10 month period. That was the year I said I wasn't...
  11. Michelle@wescofarms

    100 Minis Confiscated and in Need of Help

    As others have said if you're on the West Coast this has been a nightmare for well over ten+ years, They've stayed just inside the law and everyone I've spoken to that bought a horse from them has had issues. I've flat refused to sell horses to them or anyone associated with them, and they use...
  12. Michelle@wescofarms

    Show Quality?

    Show quality is subjective at best. Show in what? Halter? Color? Obstacle? Driving? Those are all 'showing designations. Most assume it's halter, but that isn't necessarily the case. Then again I've sold horses that I didn't think alot of, but have done well at regional/nationals. Proper...
  13. Michelle@wescofarms

    Running out of ideas on aggressive mare

    Call Bonnie Fogg. She's amazing. I recommend her to everyone. I've had her do three 'trouble' mares and it gave me alot of insight into how to handle their distinct personalities. She's definitely worth it.
  14. Michelle@wescofarms

    Charging for Tour of Farm

    I haven't charged, but liability-wise I don't encourage tourists either. The few times I do have groups out they have to sign a liability release or it's not happening, especially with kids/groups of more that 6-8. Too hard to monitor them all. I do like Bevann's idea of having them donate to...
  15. Michelle@wescofarms

    We Are Giving Our Members BACK $20! - AMHR Membership

    It is nice they're refunding the $20, so I guess we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. It would have been better IMHO to offer six months free on the studbook as they're not out any $$ that way and people might get hooked into renewing using it. Allowing unregistered geldings in, I'd...