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    Westminster Dog Show on now.

    I remember hearing about Mrs. Pratt, and all the problems she was having, that all happened way after we purchased our first dog with those lines, we purchased our first one with the Meistersinger lines back in the very early 70's. If I remember right..her problems started back in 1999. and who...
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    Westminster Dog Show on now.

    Lizzie, that is exactly why I went out of was so hard ot find "correct~ old tyme style dogs" . I had GD from the early 60's to the mid 80"s, and by then you could see the change in the breeding style already happening. Taller and more slender ( I should say ALOT more slender) . Am I...
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    Are you ready?

    No matter what we do today it seems like the goverment has to have some say in it. Its just wrong, they dont let us live our own lives anymore. Our kids are grown with families of there own, but my daughter is up every morning making darn sure the kids eat a well balanced breakfast and packs the...
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    Westminster Dog Show on now.

    I have to say the Peke took me by total surprise..I just didnt see that coming,but he did put on a very good show. I agree with what everyone has sad about the G. hubby had shepherds when we first got married, (back in the ice age of 1969) they were beautiful and put together...
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    i am at my wits end

    PLEASE do not judge the temperment of all donkeys by ONE BREEDING jack. It sounds like he was being a typical jack (no, I am NOT saying all jacks are this rough) and you just didnt have the experience or knowledge to know how to deal with this. Regardless of what animal anyone decided to buy...
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    Westminster Dog Show on now.

    The live stream didnt seem to be working. I was SOOOOO hoping that a particular black standard poodle would be in the line-up , but it wasn't meandt to be this time for "London" but he at least did get BOS. All our standard poodles were keeping there paws crossed for him. My second choice...
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    i am at my wits end

    Hi Shawana...I havent been on for awhile either, and I'm the mod!!!!!!! BAD ME, I think we need to get on more often and help out alot of the new ones on here. Now on to the post ...I am sorry to hear about your jack and mare, but you really should have done ALOT of research before ever...
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    riverdance minis???

    I seen she posted just today in the main forum.
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    Help me please don't know what else to do.

    I am so sorry to hear about your mare. RIP sweet little girl.
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    There's A Teeny Tiny New Buckskin In Town

    Fantastic. You do beautiful work. Are you planning on custom making and selling them?
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    Surprise start to foaling...

    Awwwwww..... Tony, Congrats on a preciousand wonderful surprise to be greeting you. You didnt post this in the wrong place..afterall..this is the long eared end of the forum,...LOL... and we all love pics. I am surprised that you never knew this part of the forum was here..we have been here for...
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    How do your donkeys like this weather???

    My donks are all a bunch of spoiled long eared kids, when it comes to cold ..rain, snow Now. they are in there stalls, but when I do leave them out to get some exercise..the farthest they will go is in the run-in which is attached to the barn, and can be fully enclosed except for a small door...
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    LilBeginnings fans!!!!!

    I first got into minis in1997 and it wasnt long after that I heard and joined the forum. But, mine does say Dec 02. I have some printed out info from 1999, so I know this date is wrong. I remember all the changes to the forum and so many of the old"er" members. Did you ever wonder where all...
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    Thanksgiving visitor

    What a perfect Thanksgiving surprise and a little "Pilgrimess to be VERY Thankful for. She is beautiful. Congrats.
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    Do you have a Christmas tree theme?

    Gosh, ,every tree I have up has a theme. Our main living room tree, has all of the antique ornaments on it, the dining room tree has antique belsnickles on it, the family room tree, is our furchild tree, and is decorated with a doggie theme, ,my small kitchen tree, has old fashioned kitchen...