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I've loved horses and worked with them in various ways since my childhood. I enjoy riding, but no longer have a "big" horse of my own, so must content myself with the occasional ride on other's horses. I have "informally" taught riding and horsemanship to many people, from toddlers to seniors, and love the role of being a mentor and teacher!

We bought our mini, Max, on September 11, 2001 (I'll never forget that date!) when my daughter was 3 years old. It has been a tremendous blessing to watch them grow together over the years, and to share this experience with her. She was very small for her age, and was able to ride Max for many years, learning to canter and jump with him. We went on many trail rides. Of course she is much too big now, and so for the past few years we've focused on learning new things- to drive, to do obstacles, to jump in hand... there are always new adventures.

In my life outside of horses I am a mother to my horsey daughter and a son who is only mildly interested in horses. I am a wife to a husband who patiently puts up with my horse obsessions (when we were dating I taught him to ride, but for some reason after we got married he was no longer interested in this... go figure). I serve part time as the pastor of a small church, and enjoy this role very much.

Sharing the love of horses with my daughter!
Southern Maine