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    Too Rug Or Not To Rug

    We do NOT blanket (rug) unless the horse is ill or old and obviously cold and shivering. To make sure the horse isn't cold, I check the arm-pit. If it's warm, the horse is okay. To blanket a horse (unless it's sick or chilled) can be counter productive, IMO. It mushes down their fur and...
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    Weanling anxiety - when taking buddy out to work

    Having your husband spend time with her sounds like the best..... If she was older I'd suggest tying her to the back of the cart, but at her age that would probably be a bit rough on her at only 4 months. Other than that, I will watch to see if anyone else has a good suggestion.
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    Feed & Fitting Advice for Weanling ASPC Colt

    Welcome! And congrats on your young new addition! We do have Shetlands as well (focus on the Arenosa bloodline). My suggestion would be to not add alfalfa to his diet unless he arrives underweight. (It tends to be a bit too "hot" for them.) We also feed a good quality grass hay and for all of...
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    Feeding seniors

    We don't feed them, but I know some "old time" horse owners/breeders do. Guess we were on the same "wave length". LOL.
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    Feeding seniors

    Can you put her somewhere just for a short time to feed her extra and then let her join the herd? We have a lot of seniors now. One with cushings so the carbs are not good for her, but she needs to add weight for winter. So I feed her and a couple of other oldsters LMF Senior Low Carb. If you...
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    Marsha, Did you ever solve the Bobcat problem? We've only had Raccoons come into our back yard.
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    Wade Burns

    I just read yesterday via an AMHA post on Face Book that Wade Burns of Lucky Four Farms has passed away. Larry and I are sad to hear this. He was a good man, a breeder of show quality miniatures, and also happened to be the breeder of our beloved "Shammie", a Pembroke Corgi (now deceased too.)...
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    Stall advice

    We've always had 12x12 stalls in every barn. It's a good size for when a mini has to be kept indoors for several days and also is good for foaling out. I agree with Taz that the gate height should be just high enough for their heads so they can see out, but NOT jump out.
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    Bot flies?? and goopy eyes

    My only advice would be using the comb to remove the eggs and to keep up the wormer. Not sure if the horse fly spray works on the eggs or not. For goopy eyes? I wipe their eyes with unscented non-alcohol Baby Wipes. For some reason, after doing it a couple of times their eyes clear up...
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    Cheerios for an occasional treat or training bribe for horses are fine. There's the typical apples, carrots, even whole wheat bread! I've never offered it, but watermelon can be very popular to some horses from posts I've seen. Pitter Patter, I think you covered a lot of "no-no's" for...
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    Madean mare do you think she is ready she is very sweaty

    Agree that she looks like she's dropped. That means the foal is getting itself into birthing position. And you said that the vet said she could be 4 weeks away??? But you also said the liquid from her teats was sticky??? A mare who is 4 weeks away does NOT produce sticky! It means the...
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    Maden mare help please

    Being a maiden mare getting liquid to test with is AWESOME. Maidens are rather unpredictable when it comes to outward signs. Sharing info about milk test strips below. http://www.miniatureventures.com/using_milk_test_strips.html
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    Maden mare help please

    She looks like she's getting close. Do you see or feel any movement?