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    missing members

    Marty, It's so good to "see" you. I think of you often and have hoped all was going well with you and your family. Kim Shifflett
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    Thank you everyone! I've always and forever just fed straight grass hay. Think I may get 50 bales of the mixed and see how they do.
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    Happy Friday all! I have been offered square bales that are a mix of alfalfa & orchard grass. I have never fed my minis alfalfa before and seem to remember past discussions saying that the protein level in alfalfa may be an issue with minis. I would appreciate any information/experience you...
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    I have loved reading my entire life. I too relished the feel of a book. I was given a Kindle Fire last year for Christmas and swore I would never use it, ever, ever, ever!! Well....I finally gave in and tried it and Love it!! I love that I can buy and download so many different books. I'm...
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    Seriously ?!?!?!?!?

    I read the book when it first came out, but being "older" my memory isn't so great, so reread it while watching the TV show on DVR. The show is so horrendously different than the book!! We have maybe 3-4 episodes that I haven't yet watched and doubt that I will. So disappointing!!
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    Simple grilled cheese

    We're loving grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced avocados on them!! So creamy and so yummy!!!
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    It seems that this winter everything has become achy!! While waiting for Spring to warm me up, I appreciate all the advice here and will definitely try a couple. Haven't been to the doctor in years, so maybe it really is time to go get that blood work done!!
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    They are so piggly wiggly cute!!
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    St. Valentine Arrived Early

    Awwww!!! Your husband is so sweet and that cute bear looks so huggable!!
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    New England storm Friday thinking of you all

    Hoping everyone and their animals stay safe and warm!! Please let us know how you are when you can.
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    New photos of Norah, our Great Pyrenees/Maremma puppy

    So fluffy, white and adorable!! Love her!!
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    Charlene's Pineapple Casserole - Tried it last night!!!

    Yay LB Back Porch Forum!! Lost this recipe eons ago and due to the power of search, just found it again!!! Can't wait to make it again!!
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    RIP Valley View Jet Stream

    I am so sorry!
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    Coming from the dinosaur age and into the present. Need help with TVs!!

    I was amazed by HD when I got my flat screen TVs!! The picture is absolutely amazing!! If you can get it with your dish, I highly recommend it.
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    "Perfect" new dog....but, health question?

    Thank you for the update!! Sounds like watching and waiting are the best course of action now. Also sounds like Dayna has adjusted and loves her country dog life!!