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    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    What I have been told is that it depends on how far along they are. Though maybe my vets just have cheap ultrasound machines because I have never had one tell me they would be able to hear a heartbeat.
  2. LostandFound

    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    Nope. She did show some colicy signs one day and then the shape of her belly changed a bit. And I'm almost positive I saw some actual kicking but this is getting ridiculous. She now has the tiniest dip down in her belly, and nothing at all from behind.
  3. LostandFound

    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    I thought I had but very minimal. I figured that was about normal for a maiden carrying high, but now I can't think back and swear they were kicks. She would be 370 days today.
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    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    There is little to nothing to see. From behind one side of her belly stuck out a few inches further than the other up until a few weeks ago. Now both sides are the same, which I figured was the baby getting ready to come out. But it's an impossible call if she is slightly overweight or a maiden...
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    What do you do for preg test near due date?

    My mare was confirmed in foal with a blood test at 4 months, then with an ultrasound at 6 months. Now here we are over a year and no foal. Weefoal is only accurate to 300 days, and ultrasound isn't supposed to be very helpful at this point either. My vet won't palpate a mini. She doesn't have...
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    Can you breed two mini with the silver gene?

    Nothing like a dummy foal or lethal white, but research shows that all silver dapples have eye issues. Doubling it up causes MCOA. However, most horses with it have few to no problems. I'm pretty sure it's fact at this point, not something they are still looking into. Unless you have your horse...
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    To Clip the Mini or Not?

    If you have a set of dog or people clippers, with the blade could do a little bit of a trace clip leaving the hair an inch or so long. I wouldn't clip down to the skin. But if you shorten the hair on the underside of the neck and chest a bit it may help prevent overheating. And if...
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    Anxious pacing stallion

    I disagree that gelding is going to fix the pacing. It's still a great idea but when I had this issue the horse was already gelded, and had been since 6 months old. He will probably settle down after a while, it took my guy a full 3 months but once he settled he was fine.
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    Legal papers

    Are you looking for papers proving your ownership or registration papers? Proof that you own them would just be any sort of sale slip or even an email trail would help. You probably wouldn't ever need it. For registration papers first the horses would need to be registered. If they are then you...
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    Weaning a mini mule

    I'm going to say that his safety would be my primary concern. I know people that wean at 2 months, and while I like to give them longer I have never seen them have a problem with babies weaned that early. I would want to make sure he is eating grain first though, because he will need a little...
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    I use a spot on also. I think freedom 45 or there is another, just whatever tractor supply has. It won't help with flies much but for ticks and gnats it works great.
  12. LostandFound

    color testing

    Ah, I thought uc davis only tested for gray not how many copies, but I contacted them and it's not included in a color panel but they can do if for a separate fee. I'll try AMHR, it would be easier to do it all in one spot, if someone does it all.
  13. LostandFound

    color testing

    I would like to have a couple of my minis tested, one of them to find out exactly what color she is and both to check for silver dapple and the dwarf genes. What company is the best? Also is there one that will tell if there are 2 copies of gray?
  14. LostandFound

    Possible knee issue?

    Yes, I would ask for better pictures, maybe video. If you are still concerned it would be better to find a vet that is local and pay them to do a prepurchase than to get him all the way out to you and find out there are issues.