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    Advice-My husband wants to sell

    Wait, wait. In her first post his request doesn't seem outlandish. They've had some bad years, lots of bills and few good sales. I think his reasons (while hard to swallow) are actually really fair. Horses are an expensive and labor intensive hobby, often requiring (in the very least) the...
  2. Littleum

    We Won We Won....

    Sweet! Make sure you check your tax liability on that before you spend it all. :\
  3. Littleum

    Appaloosa V/S Dilute.

    Fads come. Fads go. I think the dilute craze is on its way out, personally. I think we're moving towards moderate pinto/solid + chrome. Breed for what YOU like, because you're the one paying the bills! As for the comments that "color sells"- not always, and not all the time. Color is very...
  4. Littleum

    It's official,,,I do NOT like my sons girlfriend

    Agree. And it's a chance to instill some trust in your son. That mom IS looking out for him, but isn't going to meddle. To her just marching into your house, MAYBE your son has told her "Sure, come on in when you get here. Mom won't mind" Maybe he wants the girl to be at ease and that you're...
  5. Littleum

    It's official,,,I do NOT like my sons girlfriend

    Just going to chime in here, because what you're saying struck a chord with me. Well, she's 17. Chances are she'll be gone eventually. And chances are, she's exactly what you say she is. Chances. I met my husband when I was 18 and he was 19. We've been together 13 years. I never really got...
  6. Littleum

    Have you received your Census Forms?

    I got my nice threatening postcard informing me I am legally required to fill out the forms. I have not gotten the forms yet.... LOL.
  7. Littleum

    Back Surgery: Two steps forward; 10 steps back

    My mother had one about 15 years ago now. She had "nerve memory" pain for a long, long time. The way I understand it, the nerve remembers that is was hurt/damaged. Anything that "jostles" it fires it right back up. She found the most helpful thing to her was PT, ice and time. She still has...
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    How many years have you had minis?

    I went to my first Miniature horse show in 1992. The Bethany Show in Bethany CT. It was a story in and of itself. :D It was FREEZING cold, POURING rain, WINDY and the ring was just some yellow tape in a field. It went downhill from there. That show was epic. I laugh now about it. No one was...
  9. Littleum

    Crystalbank Stud still using my pictures !!!

    It looks like her site is hosted by Try contacting their customer service to verify it, and complain about infringing material. Domain name: Registrant: Liza Charles Registrant type: UK Individual Registrant's address: The registrant is a non-trading...
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    the Hump

    The whale I take issue with. Endangered species need to be breeding, not on my plate. The horse? Don't care. I would eat horse if it was served to me. If whales came off the endangered list and there were enough to eat, I'd try that too. To Hindus the cow is sacred. Here we eat them by the...
  11. Littleum

    A new Miniature horse painting

    You are so talented! I know what I'm putting on my Xmas wish list.
  12. Littleum

    What are your top five scary movies?

    Haute Tension (incredibly gory, deeply disturbing, utterly terrifying) Silent Hill (you will never, ever want to go to West Virgina, ever again... although very much a "DON'T OPEN THE DOOR") The Descent (you will never ever want to go rock climbing ever again) Wolf Creek (you will never, ever...
  13. Littleum

    Age discrimination

    This will probably do more to hurt your mum then her age. Employers don't want to high overqualified employees for jobs because they're afraid those employees will always have their eye on the door and leave when something better and more suitable comes along. I ran into the issue many times...
  14. Littleum

    What are some good book sagas?

    Yes! It's been out of print for years, but you can get it on Ebay usually. It's called "Piper At the Gate"- the Aussie edition was called "Piper At the Gates of Dawn" You are only the third person I've EVER met who knows those books. There are all kinds of continuity errors- good for a laugh...
  15. Littleum

    What are some good book sagas?

    Non fantasy is Jean M Auel's Earth Children series (Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, the Mammoth Hunters, Plains of Passage and Shelters of Stone) Plains of Passage is my favorite. Shelters of Stone is pretty much a soapbox but I waited 12 years for it so I read it. :P This is an...