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    Late...but here he is, our Thanksgiving foal!!

    If you were not in love w/him, you would not be alive! LOL So sweet! Lildrummer
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    New Addition to My Mini Family

    Enjoy her. She is lucky to get you, too! Lildrummer
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    Estimate of Vet Costs, Pls. (Seattle Area)

    It hurts to lose them. So sorry! Suggestion: A nice thank you card put 100 in it with a note, and write your feelings for your gratitue. Sometimes from the heart is priceless.
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    Longman Miniatures

    Nice, Adam! Lildrummer
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    Now they are both sick

    So sorry. Please, do not blame yourself! It is no use, and painful. You deserve to be better than that to yourself. I have lost one, and I still miss, but you will beable to love again! Lildrummer!
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    My boy Levi is HOME!

    Love the name Levi Please send pics! Lildrummmer
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    Should I buy this Mini???

    How old? That may make a difference? Lildrummer
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    cart transporting

    Know this has probably been discussed many times, but do not see! Have a metal easy entry cart, I wish to attach to a back single door one horse trailer. It will hold two or more minis but one non mini horse. Pics will be greatly apprciated. Have someone who can make and install our own...
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    Just out of interest

    I think he is Palamino and the real mini! I like him. He is a little fat, but so am I. LOL Lildrummer
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    my first mini babies

    How old, are they related? Did you just get them? Tell more and send more pics if you will, please! Lildrummer
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    So excited :) :)

    Nice=happy for you! Lildrummer
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    Look what I got!

    Sweet! Lildrummer
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    Hello, am needing two brass Linch pins to attach tracers to cart. Does anyone know where I can find. Our local hardwares do not have??? They are the round tops with the shaft that goes through the wood hole to keep traces on! Thank you, Lildrummer
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    Beet pulp

    Is there anyone who does not soak the beet pulp? Lildrummer
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    Beet pulp

    Good question, I would also like to know? What does Beet Pulp do? Lildrumemr