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    AMHR Transfers $200

    I almost always transfer the horses (amhr or aspc) papers into my buyers names for them, usually if they are international buyers (to save them hassle) or if its a newer to the registry farm. I started this about 2 years ago.
  2. Leeana

    I am back :)

    Some of you may remember me and some of you may just know of me through the miniature horse and pony world, but after many years away from LB, I have decided to come back to the boards! Feeling a bit nostalgic as fall/winter comes around the corner and felt the need to come back to the boards...
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    2015 Congress

    We just got home - was a great week. John your ponies always scare me in the ring...really good quality and exhibited nice We had 3 Congress Champions, 1 Reserve, and 4 top 3's. Nothing we took placed lower than 3rd. Was just over the moon with how it went this year. I heard there was only 40...
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    Well I am sure glad I can help !!!!!!
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    Its been a few months since I have used it. It is the equade ........I can check and see but I think I pretty well went by what was on the bottle. I stopped using it after congress - sort of a pain in the butt to do daily..
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    Kent Gro/Show pellets, beet pulp, body builder, daily wormer, weight builder (if needed). Quality hay. All twice a day. Body builder they get 1x a day by mouth. They get worked in roundpen about 4-5x a week.
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    I would say bred......
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    Says on aspc stud book she js still owned by Anita and last foal was 2005 - a black and white filly named sunnyside desert ray.
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    Covention Time

    Not going (I have to work as I am going on a real vacation very very soon!),,,but I am just 2.5 hours north of if anyone wants to visit !
  10. Leeana

    Judges for Congress and Nationals

    Well every year my director contacts me and ask for my judge nomination for congress classic judges (since that is mainly what i show). I always take advantage of that opportunity. I dont think it is the sole reaponsibility of the directors to contact and ask, but mine is great!
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    Sharing our 2014 ASPC Foals

    The filly is sold and will be out with Amber Kildow. The colt is sold and remaining here for the 2015 show season! thanks for the compliments, these kids are my livelihood
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    Shetland Studbook

    Crescent's Copper Penny 05/25/1948 Date Foaled: Crescent's Copper Lady 05/10/1949 Larigo's Topper 07/01/1942 General Larigo 07/18/1925 Hillswicke Oracle 05/28/1945 Kewpie Doll's Oracle 05/28/1950 Little Masterpiece 04/11/1948 Reaping Gold C 05/20/1944 Supreme's Bit of...
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    Have any of you put your animals in your will?

    I don't have a will - but I do have a private (and current) list of all the ponies and their reg name/barn name and reg numbers as well as each ponies est. value and a list of people for who to contact IF something ever happened to me and dad had to disperse the ponies. Only 2-3 people know...
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    Show me your ideal broodmare

    My classic mare , Kahle's Sparkle.....will post her two colts she has produced for me as well ... no new pictures of Sparkle but this is a couple years old. Sparkle -- 44" Classic Mare 2012 Colt - Green Creek Jros Sultan (ASPC) 2014 Colt - Green Creek Gambler's Lorenzo (ASPC)
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    Question to moderators about history

    Tony that would be fantastic ! Leeana