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  1. Ldyvixenne

    My sweet baby

    Oh no I’m sorry Hopefully you will get another opportunity this winter
  2. Ldyvixenne

    My sweet baby

    Pretty boy just got a brand spanking new blanket Took lots of pics because I know it won’t stay clean for long. Blanket arrived today, big ice storm coming in tomorrow which is sure to chill our garage down in a hurry and with him losing his entire winter coat a week ago in grateful the...
  3. Ldyvixenne

    New To The Barn

    An empty coke bottle I had tossed his way in an attempt to surprise him. I failed at surprising him but he thought it was mildly interesting. We do all the most random ADHD brain things to him to bombproof him for his training in public He has to be ready to handle whatever weirdness the...
  4. Ldyvixenne

    New To The Barn

    Hi, I’m Katrena and this is my baby, Copper. He will be a year old at the end of May. The dog in the picture is our old boy Ani. Copper is going to be trained to be my service animal so he spends quite a bit of time in the house with us. Right now he’s learning manners and housebreaking and...
  5. Ldyvixenne

    Crazy shedding in winter

    Hi, new here and I have a 9 month old mini named Copper who is training to become my service animal. Copper is intact as a stallion and lives in our garage when he’s not in the house or running free in the backyard. We also have 3 standard sized horses and a donkey and her baby (7 months old)...