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  1. KTS@Sawmill River

    NEMHS Summer Kickoff Show

    CAN'T WAIT!!!! After the long winter we had, it will be great to get out and see everyone..... only 2 more weeks!!!!
  2. KTS@Sawmill River

    Aloha Acres Magic Krystall 2011 colt

    Congratulations Frank and Liz!!!! and of course Centurian and Krystal!!! That is so exciting... I know how excited you were about this cross.... Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
  3. KTS@Sawmill River

    "Max" (5/29/2009-2/11/2011)

    Mary and Gary, I am so sorry for the loss of Max. It is still a shock. I want to Thank you for allowing me to be part of his life..... He was a fun horse to work with and a quick learner.... Mary, You have grown as an exhibitor and gained confidence with Max's help. I am so honored that you...
  4. KTS@Sawmill River

    Platinum Performance VS TNS Plus

    TNS Plus has no odor.... I have 60 + horses on the property that have no problem eating it... And Its not just Miniatures... Our Standardbred and Shetland Ponies are also on it.
  5. KTS@Sawmill River

    Platinum Performance VS TNS Plus

    We have used Dr. Bensons TNS Plus for years and absolutely LOVE it!!! All the horses we own, show and breeding, eat it daily. It comes in small pellet form and a little bit goes a long way. My grandfather developed the formula for TNS, and it has been a critical component in the diet of my show...
  6. KTS@Sawmill River

    What a WONDERFUL time we had today!

    I am in complete agreement with everyone.... What an awesome show day!!! It was great to see everyone laughing and having fun.... a breath of fresh air! Thanks to everyone who participated and made the show a success.....
  7. KTS@Sawmill River

    Next Great Show in New England ......

    We will be there with a trailer load..... Hoping for a nice day!! Can't wait to see everyone.... Should be a great show!!!!
  8. KTS@Sawmill River

    NEMHS Announce the 2010 Shows for New Englanders .....

    Show season is right around the corner!!!!! Looking forward to both of these shows and seeing everyone!!!
  9. KTS@Sawmill River

    Modern Shetland

    Jump on the bandwagon!!! We have had Miniatures for about 30 years, and got our first two Modern Ponies in 2006. We now have 6, with plans to start a breeding program in the Spring. We LOVE them! They have the grace and presence of a much larger horse and are FULL of fire..... Just beautiful...
  10. KTS@Sawmill River

    Bloodlines for High Knee Action

    Thank you so much for your kind words on our horses, Leeana! Most of our driving horses stem from the Rhotens Little Dandy line..... IMO, that line is very potent when it comes to natural action, even if it is a Grand-daughter or grand-son... As mentioned, Stacy Score breeds some beautiful...
  11. KTS@Sawmill River

    Honor Roll - she made it!

    Congratulations Panda and Sandy!!! That is quite an accomplishment!!! Will be rooting for you in AOTE this year!!!
  12. KTS@Sawmill River

    Dashing through the snow.....

    Thanks so much for all of your kind words.... It was so much fun! It is snowing right now, so can't wait to take the sleigh out tomorrow! The sleigh was given out as the prize for Hi-Point driving horse one of our local shows in 95. It was donated by Ives Sleigh Company from Pennsylvania.
  13. KTS@Sawmill River

    Updated our website.....

    Our webmaster has been hard at work adding new horses, show results and re-vamping the layout of our site. Please take a peek and let us know what you think: Sawmill River Farm Would love some feedback! Thanks!
  14. KTS@Sawmill River

    Dashing through the snow.....

    I have never enjoyed the snow as much as I did today! My father and I were joking around during the last snow fall about trading in our jog cart for a sleigh. My mother won a sleigh back in 95, we used it once, and then put it in storage. Today, it was resurrected and wow, We had a blast...
  15. KTS@Sawmill River

    Have you ever had a mare ultrasound'd "Definately Open"

    Yes, we have had it happen too. We had a mare, who was headed for her 2nd foal. Our vet ultrasounded her in October 2007 and said she he wasn't sure but didn't think she was in foal. Came back in December because we wanted her checked again and said that she was open. I moved her into the show...