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    Mean Spiritedness

    I'm with you on this one!!! I had no idea AMHR was considering doing this. It really upsets me ALOT!!! I work really hard at breeding the best horses I can, traveling thousands of miles and breeding to outstanding stallions and often I get colts. You can only keep so many colts and then you have...
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    Very Very sad that people would lower themselves to this. And Sherri big hugs to you for going in and showing. You are a true professsional!!!! And unfortunately I see horses selling for huge money and it would be very upsetting to some to have a no one come in and win against horses that have...
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    Adding AOTE or splitting Amateur AMHR

    I have always thought AOTE is a great option but there are ALOT of amauters out there placing high that will still be there showing against you. We train and show our own and are always learning but it would be a nice option for the new people just starting out that can't afford trainers. Of...
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    Extreme Versatility

    Well Mary I have to admit you guys tire me out most days just being on the stand line!!! BUT I am HOPING next year we can up the odds alittle and be in better shape. I enjoyed the hunter class and am going to give it a GO next year!!! And Jessie will have Spooky driving and maybe with some...
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    Who were your favorite horses at AMHR Nationals?

    Myself I LOVE Robyn Me Blind and I Blue by U BUT I kinda got a thing for their dad and so I had to buy their little brother and I own a half sister LOVE LOVE LOVE those Streaker foals!!!!!!!
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    Our first foal of the year- has been a rough year

    We, as many of you have had a sad foaling season this year. We have lost 2 foals but fortunately both mares are fine. The 2nd mare lost her foal while I was in Illinois with my mother who was in the hospital with double pneumonia so my poor son, Shawn had to deal with it. The foal was a month...
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    Ellen I didn't get Nicodemous, I like the stallion but I had another boy I was interested in as I have a daughter of his and would LOVE a colt!!!
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    Thanks James, I guess people must know me better then I know myself !!! I really liked your boy, he is a pretty boy also and someone is very lucky. Overall I think people got really good deals and should have some awesome foals next year. I'm hoping we do Congrats to all and GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    he is a good one and what grapevine I never said a word to anyone!!
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    got it. I called Bruce and asked. Maybe the wording needs to be different or something. I wasn't the only one that was confused is why I asked. Thanks as James said it maybe a long night Lots of nice boys to choose from
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    it says right in the rules 6pm eastern time. OR if a bidding war a 30 minute window. I think in the future they really need to clarify this as a person could think they won at 6pm and not look later. See what I mean???
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    Stallion Sweepstakes

    What time is the Stallion Sweepstakes actually done? 6pm eastern or the time along side the auction, some of which are 3 or 4 hours. AND PEOPLE need to bid, some horses don't have bids They are all really nice stallions !!!!!!!
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    A little help is needed

    Very nice of Brenda to do this posting and Mary Lou for allowing it. Nancy and Mike are WONDERFUL people and I own Painted Sue and promised Nancy a lifetime home for her when I bought her. Sue is now going to be 20 yrs old and is happy out to pasture with several of my other older gals. As a...
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    If you could own any forum members horse, who would you pick

    I am a HUGE Prince fan myself!!! But that said I love his son- Charming that we bred as much or more He has that presence that his father has!!! I am ALITTLE attached to our Nighthawk son Treasure also He is in our avatar I love Brendas little man- Calvin- but we have had that discussion...
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    AMHA Shows...

    If anyone does decide to do a AMHA/AMHR show in Michigan keep me posted. We would gladly drive over from WI with about 8 horse or so and show. Looking at starting to show alittle bit of AMHA this year also. Keep me posted!!!!