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    How do I get a mini certified as a therapy animal?

    I have a mini that I've been doing therapy work with for about the past 7 years. She gives pony cart rides to disabled kids, visits rest homes and greets the elderly, including bedside visits. I dress her in costumes and take her "shopping" at tractor supply and farmers markets. I would like to...
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    Christmas/Holiday themed photos?

    Im sorry for all the duplicates, I don't know the program and I didn't see how to preview until after I sent. Please feel free to remove copies
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    Christmas/Holiday themed photos?

    This is one of our minis Miss Dixie. She is an amazing driving mini but she also acts as a therapy animal at rest homes and for children with disabilities. On Sunday, I took her to TSC just to warm her up for her first bedside visits at our local rest home.