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    Anyone show minis draft style?

    I just picked up a mini hitch wagon. I'm so excited- can't wait to hook my boys to it. I also need to figure out how to do the draft braids.
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    Horse shows

    our cdes around here are similarly expensive. i go to an occasional ads pleasure or fun show, but the cdes are out of my budget. even the adts around here are expensive. i can show breed shows for a lot less money plus get qualified and earn points for my money! i realize that not everyone...
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    Opinions please...

    i will preface this with a note for newbies- please do NOT leave your training area until your horse is well broke and knows WHOA well! be sure you can handle your horse in the arena before you venture out! since he is (already broke and) bored, immature, unmotivated, or souring- i would...
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    Harness Question?

    Katiean that harness looks too big, not poorly made. maybe you have a B size harness on an A size horse?
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    Stall doors and muscle development

    lunge the horses with sliding side reins to build proper muscling in their necks
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    Training / Driving Arena

    we used shell as footing in our arena (we also have shell/sand roads in our area) it compacts enough to make a good footing for driving but is much softer than pavement or limerock base a sand arena would get your horses in great shape i drive on sand trails and it does a great job...
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    need good equine dentist who does minis

    i am also in florida and use carl he is the best- its worth waiting for him once a year
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    Orange Blossom Miniature Horse Show

    you met me at the show sorry i didn't have more time to visit i had 3 driving horses and a junior stallion plus a first time youth exhibitor my hands were full! lol but it was nice to meet another driving person i hope you come out and show
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    Horses, Taxes and the IRS

    the irs is cutting down on staff due to budget cuts so your chance of an audit is going down
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    Questions about youth showing ..

    do they still offer a youth jr stallion class at amhr nationals?
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    Proper Show Attire for Western County Pleasure/ Classic

    for nationals i wore a white lambskin western jacket with rhinestones one year 1 wore it with a black skirt and black hat (and black harness on my horse) the next year i wore it with sand pants and a sand hat (and light oil western harness)
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    shaft stops

    previous thread on breeching in breed ring click above link to view i remembered a previous thread on the "breeching in the breed ring" topic here is another ignorant judge commenting on my attire note that i won the class under 3 of 4 judges in spite of my breeching
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    Some Things We "Learned" About Driving Pairs

    this shocked me too! i see why pairs often use liverpool bits
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    shaft stops

    if you are already in "nonshow attire" use breeching! your horse will be so much happier with breeching if pulling such a cart. if i use a cart other than my Houghton in classes at AMHR shows (or if its a deep arena), i always use breeching! if i use an easy entry or cde cart, i use my sport...
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    AMHR pairs/ team classes

    the rules give a choice of breast collar and full collar? Also with the word "may" are horses not required to have a check? or must have 1 of the 2 types of checks?