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    Color Tests came back today.. Care to guess?

    I want a baby mini!!!!!! All I have is a naughty stallion who is losing his manhood next week.
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    Should he stay a stallion?

    I geld everything too, even the dogs and cats!!!! There is a lady that might want him so I may trade him for something younger. He is so good when there are no other horses around, but as soon any come near he can not focus. I think he has only bred 3 mares ever. 3 in 10 years no wonder he...
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    Should he stay a stallion?

    Well I am pretty sure Im going to get him gelded next week. I know its hot but my barn and pens are all shaded and he only gets worked with during the middle of the night. Big horse people are crazy too, we stay up till 4 a.m. all summer. Plus, if I dont geld him now by next show season he will...
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    Should he stay a stallion?

    First I need to say I am completely new to the mini world. I train barrel horses and have had stallions at stud and completed on several stallions. I get stallions, not the mini one I just got but big ones... Here is my problem....I bought a miniature stallion super cheap! He is 10 yo. He...
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    Anyone have plans for building jumps

    Wow...such great ideas! I used to jump eventers but our jumps were pricey. I have a couple of low jumps that I take my barrel horses over but I wanted some more with out spending a bunch of money. Thanks.
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    Great I will try that with them. Thanks!!! My little gelding leads better than the soon to be gelding. I really never noticed how bad there were till I got my miniature horse and he leads like a big horse. I know they are different donkeys\horses. Atleast my donkeys are sweet. They are so...
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    My two minis are great. Super gentle. They stand for the farrier, shots and deworming, etc. They load and stand tied. But, I can not get them to lead, most of the time. I push on thier butts and drive them to get them to go anywhere or carry feed(which rarely works on the on I want to show)...
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    willy has his teeth floated tomorrow

    I just had my mini donkeys teeth done on Friday, 7-31. They did so good! I use T.I.E.D. in Weatherford, Tx. It is an amazing school. I take all of my big horses there also.