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  1. Katiean

    Collar and Hames revisited...

    I also use a collar and hames for one of my horses. We were training him with a regualr breast strap type brest collar. He was a big pain in the butt. I made the choice to get him a collar and hames. He is a different horse. He now pulls our hay from the truck to the hay shed. He trots and has...
  2. Katiean

    Pumpkin crazy

    I am going to try to modify a waffle recipe and make hopefully Pumpkin waffles. I thought they would be really good with the sweet white sauce we already use for waffles. So, if they come out of the waffle iron we are all good.
  3. Katiean


    I just got a tempur-pedic 3 days ago. I felt so selfish buying the bed this time of year. But, when there is a warehouse damaged (the plastic bag over the bed tore and the edge got dirty from the floor) sale you get it when you can. I got a super deal and all of my aches and pains are so small I...
  4. Katiean


    I don't have any really new pics because it is foggy and rainy. So his outer hair is wet most of the time. He was born with a white (appy) patch (about the size of my hand) on each side of his bum. I know he is an appy. His grand sire on his sires side is a silver bay appy.His sire is an appy. I...
  5. Katiean


    This is another pic of the mare
  6. Katiean


    This is the mare and this is the stallion The stallion is a snow flake appy.
  7. Katiean

    Braided Hay String Tack

    Thats really cool.
  8. Katiean


    Would you call this Silver Dapple?
  9. Katiean

    How many driving horses do we have here now?

    4 minis and 3 drive. Number 4 will drive when he is old enough.
  10. Katiean

    Making them earn their keep...haha (Faux farm work questions)

    I have a set of shafts that would work great on that sled. Where do you get a sled like that? Oh, and I made a single tree out of a scrap shelf suport section. It is around 22-24" and I used screw eye bolts to hang it and attach the traces to.
  11. Katiean

    Is your driving limited with the cold weather?

    I don't drive in the cold weather because I am a cold weather sissy.
  12. Katiean

    Training suggestions plllease

    I had a QH that would run like the wind on trails. Put her in an arena and run barrels, you needed to break out the calender to time her. She just didn't like it. Some horses are made to show and some are not. My stallion (mini) hates pleasure driving. You have to continually get after him to...
  13. Katiean

    Rolling and bucking in harness, HELP!!!!

    This is very true about seeing problems in photos. I was emailing a lady that was having problems with a riding horse that tossed her head. I gave her some suggestions. However, when I saw pics of her setup, I could give her a whole list of what could be wrong. My suggestion with the "rolling"...
  14. Katiean

    Newly Neutered Dog exercise questions

    The only thing my vet said when my boys went in on valentines day was to limit jumping for about 48 hours.
  15. Katiean


    I had neck surgery and the hospital I was at had the tempur-pedic type matresses in the beds on the orhto. floor. I think it had to be the best sleep I ever had in a hospital. And it wasn't the drugs because I wasn't taking any. I felt that good right out of surgery.