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    Is anyone here familiar with inheritance laws?

    I am originally from Ky. When my grandfather died everything was given to my grandmother. When she died, everything was divided equally to her children, except for the two that were deceased. Their 1/4 (4 kids) was given to their surviving children. When my husband passed, the estate was 1/2...
  2. J

    World Show

    [When there last Saturday, I was told there are a total of 800 horses.
  3. J

    Caught my eye

    While watching the webcast at Nationals one day, a beautiful horse caught my eye. I don't know who was handling the horse, or even what sex it was, but it sure was a good looking piece of horseflesh. I watched the lady who was showing, and she was really doing a great job, then the judges...
  4. J


    The competition was tough, and remember there were 200 more horses this year. Toughens it even more. Nope, I didn't agree with every placing, but I am not the one being paid for my opinion. Yes, there are some politics in horse shows, but do you know anything that doesn't have some...
  5. J

    Lisa Saw Raven

    Lisa, Jerry and Nata and I got to go up to Tulsa yesterday for the day. Long trip, and a tiring one, but you have to make the best of the time you have. Down in the expo center, I was leaving the women's room, rounded the turn, and who was standing in the photographer's viewing area? RAVEN...
  6. J

    Another Proud Mom

    Just had to brag! Flying A's Black Gold, who belongs to Leah Johnson, was trained for driving by my youngest daughter Tina, and was catch handled by John Rimmer, placed 4th in 3 year old Pleasure Driving Futurity. Tina, nor her s/o Cliff were able to drive him at the show because Cliff had to...
  7. J

    OK, THAT IS IT.............

    We have had 5 fillies, one angel filly, and one colt this year so far. Only one more mare to go, and the jenny too. If I let you borrow her, you must return her for that last mare. She is a maiden and pasture bred, so no telling just when she is due. She has looked to be about two weeks off...
  8. J

    Wormer question

    About a month ago, we had our vet do a fecal on two thoroughbreds we have here. They are looking terrible, and have been on the same pasture as our other horses, and eating the same hay. No one else looks bad. They were de-wormed one month exactly before the fecal was taken. The fecal...
  9. J

    Tachycardia and the love of my life

    I've know several people that have had the ablation done, and all has turned out wonderfully for them. Please try to check into that for him. If he is a candidate for it, it will help you both feel better! In the meantime, best wishes and prayers for you.
  10. J


    I have to check at least a couple of times per day to see how those babies are doing! I am so glad they are progressing so well. Continued prayers! Carolyn
  11. J

    Dick Francis has died

    I have been a fan of his forever. I think I've read all his books. What I feel made them so good was the fact his books were so real, because he had been there, done that. Not much literary license in his books!
  12. J

    Good news Monday,,, come on everybody

    My good news is our electricity is back on! It went out Friday morning at 8:30 am, got repaired yesterday around 12;30. Warm house, hot water, hot meals! Clean, warm, and well fed us! Nothing like losing one of your everyday basics for awhile to make you appreciate things you take for...
  13. J

    Needed a tranquilizer

    You know, you're so right about being so lucky! One Keeneland TB Sale, the sales company I worked for had a yearling filly rear up, get her front foot caught in the door and the side the door was attached to. She struggled so hard that before they could rescue her, she tore her foot completely...
  14. J

    Needed a tranquilizer

    Yesterday I came toodling in the driveway with a load of perishable groceries in the car. I got out of the car, heard a horrible racket in the barn, wondered what in the he!! the noise was. It was a scary noise. Sounded like someone tearing the whole thing down. I got closer to the barn, and...