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  1. J

    He STILL gets better, not sure how, show #2

    Congrats! He is a handsome guy!
  2. J


    What a cute filly and I love her name!
  3. J

    Filly Fairy paid a visit to me tonight

    Congrats on your new filly! Cant wait to see photos!
  4. J

    Shelbyville, TN Show Results

    Shhh...I'll bring my trailer on Sunday! Plenty of room for Handsome and Knuckles!!! Seriously, Erica's horses are stunning, I have always loved them in photos, but WOW in person they will just knock your socks off! As I sat there and watched Erica and Sheryl in the ring I realized how amazing...
  5. J

    Irish Hills Farm Only 2009 Foal

    Congrats! She is very pretty!
  6. J

    How about the last 5 foals.....yeah I'm behind!!!

    Beautiful babies..... that little buckskin pinto wants to come to TN and live with Blue!!! :-)
  7. J

    Sheryl...I'm calling you out....LOL

    I wanna see!
  8. J

    Introducing Hidden Creek's Here Comes the Rain

    Thank you, Dough is a sweet boy, very well mannered and gentle for a stallion.
  9. J

    Introducing Hidden Creek's Here Comes the Rain

    Sheryl, Blue is a GREAT mom! I can't thank you enough for selling her to me. I just adore her. Rain is a spunky little dude, very curious, he keeps her on her toes! Thanks guys...Brandon is thrilled that everyone likes the name he picked out.
  10. J

    Introducing Hidden Creek's Here Comes the Rain

    I promised our son he could name this baby....he was born in the middle of a huge rainstorm!
  11. J

    Shelbyville, TN Show

    I hope to come watch!
  12. J

    It's a boy :-)

    Blue had her baby tonight...a bay or dark buckskin (?) colt. I will post photos tomorrow! Update: Bay for sure! You can see him on cam here....
  13. J

    Zephyr Woods Foals-10th A FILLY!!!!!!!!! by Ginger 10:30 pm

    Congrats on a gorgeous baby!
  14. J

    Erica's Knockers is foaling right now!

    I logged on just in time to see her born! What a cutie!