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    I made a clay model of my mare *new clay figure added pg3

    OMG!!! You are so talented!!! It looks just like your mare!!! Too cool!
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    AMHA new Halter Stock Horse Division!

    I think this is a wonderful idea!!!! I was so excited when I heard this!! It gives everyone a chance to have a good time, show their horses and win a ribbon and points and maybe even realize a dream with the horse of their heart!. I am sorry there are some who are against it, but from their...
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    Please help Black or clear hooves.??

    Without looks much nicer on this horse The clear polish gives this horse the appearance of a much longer length of leg. Very pretty horse by the way
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    We at Vali Mini Ranch Are delighted to congratulate Ilse Smits of Tinkerbell Stables, Kessel Belgium! and Chesa Henkel of Deven Creek Miniature Shetlands, Clatonia Nebraska! on their co-partnership purchase of our yearling filly, Vali Mini Ranch Bodacious Bey B! Bill and I are so excited...
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    What is your favorite part of a horse?

    The soft part on the side just below the nose Just right for kisses Joy
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    AMHA Sanctioned shows

    Hi, My husband and I breed and show only AMHA/AMHR A size horses:0) We show AMHA. We have such a good time at the shows and have met such great people! Please feel free to contact us as well:0) We are in Kansas Joy
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    Farm interveiws?

    If it sounds fishy definitly back out, it shouldn't cost you anything. But I am with Tony, there are still alot of folks out there that have no idea what a mini is or what they can do. We had the Salina Journal contact us in 2011 and do the front page of the Sunday edition with our farm. They...
  8. joylee123

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    Well said!!! It pretty much mirrors my experiences! Love my AOTE and Ammy classes and have done pretty darn well in my open classes too! Congrats on your awesome year!!
  9. joylee123

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    I used to show AMHA back in the early 90's and for personal reasons not related to the horses stopped for a number of years. Several years ago I re-enterd the show ring (AMHA) and started attending several shows a year. I personally( we are a small little known farm) have been made to feel...
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    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    I understand what you are trying to get at but how many large breeds break their own horses to show? In AOTE you still have to do your own conditioning, all prep work like clipping, facials and you have to be good enough to maintain the training gone into the horse to begin with which is why it...
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    A question on cavaletti's

    Thanks Tony! Joy
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    Serious Inquiries only... Do you feel this statement off putting?

    I can't begin to count the number of times someone has contacted me about a horse I have for sale ( pictures and price included in the ad) , telling me how interested they are and how badly they want the horse. Then after youanswer all their questions and tell them all about the animal, spend...
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    AMHA Hardship Closing

    There are AMHR shows in Lyons Kansas
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    A question on cavaletti's

    Thanks Margo:0)
  15. joylee123

    A question on cavaletti's

    Could someone who does in hand obstacle class tell me how far apart cavaletti's are usually set for minis? and how far apart the ground pole are set when you make an "L" for the "L" turn? Thanks, Joy